MTV Movie Awards Fashion Face-Off: Taylor Lautner vs. Ryan Reynolds

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Two studs. Two incredible sets of abs. One red carpet. One Fashion Face-Off.

Both Taylor Lautner and Ryan Reynolds has great nights at the MTV Movie Awards - one got a kiss from Robert Pattinson, the other got to stand next to Blake Lively - but only one of these dreamy actors can walk away a champion right now.

That's just the way it is when THG pits a pair of hunks against each other. Compare their styles below, control your drool and cast your vote:

Fashion Face-Off!

It's hunk vs. hunk! Who looked better on the red carpet, Taylor Lautner or Ryan Reynolds? View Poll »


Ryan is a Tall, Lean, boyishly handsome man. He looks better as he ages. He has a build that does not appear to have changed. He will probabaly never be fat. Taylor is cute and still looks like a teenage girl. His body is typical for a 19 yr old kid but in this business he has a long time to keep this look up. Ryan all the Way!!!


Taylor Looks the hottest! Sorry Ryan your cute too but am not into sugardaddy's.


I love him. He is the hottest guy around and he is only five days older than me.


"I love,him so thats why he looks better ." Hahah, are you five?


Taylor looks better I love,him so thats why he looks better .

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