MTV Movie Awards Fashion Face-Off: Selena Gomez vs. Emma Stone

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They are two of the hottest young stars on the planet, one in music and one in the movies.

And both showed up on the red carpet of the MTV Movie Awards last night.

Selena Gomez posed alone, as boyfriend Justin Bieber later made a surprise appearance on stage to accept a trophy; while Emma Stone also appeared to be without a date.

Which of these rising, talented celebrities looked best at the ceremony? It's a tough question, but it's one readers simply must answer. We wish each participant the best of luck.

Fashion Face-Off!

Which young star wore her outfit best, Selena Gomez or Emma Stone? View Poll ยป

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they both are looking so beautiful..and no question..
Selena is always look beautiful..
and they both are talented and great..!


shes always hoooooooooooot!!!!!!!!!!!!no matter what she wears or how she looks.


Selena was overheard saying, "Hey, wait a minute. Where are my earings? Is Justin-e wearing my clothes again?! And where the fxck are my panties?!"