Mother of Courtney Stodden Supports Daughter's Marriage, Real Breasts

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Courtney Stodden is a 16-year old who married a 51-year old, veteran actor Doug Hutchison.

But the aspiring singer's mother sees nothing wrong with this union, giving it her full blessing in a statement released soon after news of the couple's May 20th wedding went public this week:

"We are totally supportive of this marriage," said Krista Stodden, who had to sign off to make it legal. "Doug is a wonderful man and we love him. They are very much in love and we are so supportive of this. Courtney was a virgin when she married Doug. She is a good Christian girl."

Mrs. Stodden also wants to set the record straight about her daughter's body, adding: "She has real breasts, real lips, she's not plastic."

Awww, so as you can see, Courtney and Doug are just two people who met, fell in love and... wait, what?!?

What do you think of the relationship between Stodden - whose career, based on the video above, needs all the help it can get - and Hutchison?


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I would choose listening to Rebecca Black sing than ever listen to this girl again. Even auto tune couldnt fix her horriblness. My ears are still bleeding...


another case of classic trailer trash claiming to be in touch with wonder all you "christians" are considered fucked in the head.....this is disgusting....


This is wrong. 16 and married a 51 year old. he is old enough to be her grandfather. and far as her being a "Christian" I think thats BS after listening to her song... she looks like a little whore and her boobs are NOT real. they didnt move not one inch the whole video. if she was my daughter and I knew about this nonsense she would not be leaving the house until she was 51 her damn self


OMG...Eeeeeeewwwwwww....that's all I can say. She must really hate her daughter. To hand off her "virginal" daughter to an old man who in about 5 years probably won't even be able to get it up anymore? What kind of life is that young girl going to have? If the marriage even lasts anyway, she will have a nonexistent sexlife or social life with him.Shell probably be saddled with two or three kids by the age of 20, Not to mention, when she actually realizes there are a lot of men her own age out there she will inevitably be attracted to...that makes for a dangerous mix. :/


So Grampa Doug gets to be this little girl's first. I consider myself open-minded, but this is way too much. Also, her mom probably had to say she was a virgin b/c if she had slept with him before marriage it would've been considered rape.


lol her mom is just probely thankful she doesn't have to take care of her anymore lol.. and its not her problem.. who knows but the song was horrible.. just saying lol


my 7 month old could make a better video... Stupid song, horrible voice!


I wonder how much the 51 year old had to pay her mom? If it really was what she said "true love" it could have waited until she turned 18. That is just sick! Now the song is AWFUL she will never make it in singing or acting unless a knock off X rated film LOL. I am wondering who wrote that song as it doesn't make since at all, half the song is talking about one thing and the last half about another. This poor girl needs a mother that actually gives a crap about her daughter, not just how much money she can make by allowing her 16 year old daughter to basically be molested. Oh and virgin yea right!!!


HAHAHAHAHAHA! Wow.... What a self centered little girl! Her mom needs to be drop kicked!!!!! Trashy!!!!!!!!!


All I have to say is Money Money and Money.