Michele Bachmann to Run For President

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U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann said Monday that she has filed paperwork to enter the presidential race and said she plans to make a formal announcement "soon."

The Minnesota Republican's meteoric rise from state lawmaker to unofficial Tea Party ambassador has made her a polarizing figure in D.C. and beyond.

Love her or hate her, she says what she thinks, relishes the spotlight and seldom cedes ground, with an unpredictable edge almost always on display.

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Case in point? At Monday night’s GOP presidential debate, she announced out of the blue she had filed papers to be an official candidate for the nomination.

“I do what I say and say what I mean and I don’t change what I do based on the political wind or desire to simply move up the next ladder,” she said later.

Michele Bachmann stressed her eagerness to “take on not only the opposing party but my own party as well to do what I think is right.”

Known for biting but sometimes inaccurate commentary (like someone else we know) she regularly aggravates foes and provides comedic fodder.

At the same time, the conservative is also regarded as a skilled, resilient politician with a large base of support and a force to be reckoned with.

Would Michele Bachmann be a good president?

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Since Hillary Rodham Clinton's run for the presidency, the door has been swung open for other women to join the fray of a long list of males seeking the presidency. While I'm generally one to give women a fair amount of leniency because of our relative short time in the political arena at this level, I cannot bring myself to support either Sarah Palin (if she decides run) or Michelle Bachmann. Both are white, dizzy brunettes who give qualified women white or Black candidates for president a bad name.


If she had only slapped Chris Wallace in the face or kicked him in the balls, she would be our next president. Unfortunately, none of the male candidates have any balls.


she is insane....

Jennifer miller

She looks like another Sarah Palin


The woman looks crazy.


Mchele Bachmann for president? LMAO! Michele Bachmann who thought that if she went through the body scan at the airport the TSA was going to sell nude pics of her? The woman who said they should get rid of free lunch and breakfast programs for low income children because being hungry will motivate them? The woman who warned everyone not to fill out the 2008 census because it was the first stage of the government taking over your life (despite how long it has been done and that if no one in her district filled it out and got counted there would be no need for a rep for that district). I could go on for days. The woman is a loon who makes Sarah Palin look like a genius.

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