Maksim Chermkovskiy: Possibly Engaged on The Bachelor: Ukraine Edition!

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Maksim Chmerkovskiy is best known in the U.S. as one of the resident pros and hunks on Dancing With the Stars. But he also just finished a starring turn on the Ukranian version of The Bachelor in his native country!

We think he may have gotten engaged last night. Hard to say.

No one at THG speaks Ukranian, unfortunately, and this clip we found online isn't subtitled, so you tell us. There's ... a ring and a lot of kissing!

The episode was filmed months ago, so there's no word on if they're still together ... but he was sorta grinding on Cheryl Burke last weekend.

Maksim, who made the DWTS finals with Kirstie Alley in the show's 12th season, was previously engaged to another co-star, Karina Smirnoff.

We hope it worked out for the best, however it worked out - and we promise when Ashley Hebert gives out her final rose, we'll understand her.


Fake , Fake, everything fake ....


They both speak RUSSIAN, not Ukrainian in this clip, as do (from what I see here) all other contestants. I absolutely love to watch Maxim dancing, but he looks and sounds oh so BORED and unnatural here, lol....


First of all the correct spelling is Ukrainian, and yes he did give a ring to Sasha. But after the final rose, question and answer show, he walked out of the studio. Everyone was sort of attacking him and he couldn't get a word in edgewise. Yana the girl he almost chose, is a very intelligent girl and apparently he was spotted with her recently. So, hopefully they will get together.


Oh!!! i am so disappointed with his choice. Another girl (Yana) is AMAZING ! She is truly unique girl.


Finally some real women....


This was just another show....I don't believe in real life Maksim would ever pick a person like Sasha to be next to him even for ten minutes. She is an ignorant, spoiled brat.


This show worth to be translated and shown instead of the bachelor here! Maxim was worse than Jason before he runned back to Molly. MOlly (who is Yana) still waiting for him, the difference between them is that Maxim will not have GUTS to go back... Or he just too big of a Celebrity!


yes! he gave a ring to Sasha! but on talk show after the episode she didnt seem to look like a winner...whole Ukraine upset with his is obviously she just need his money and fame...

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