Lisa Weiss to Huma Abedin: Sorry For the Cybersex With Anthony Weiner!

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Lisa Weiss, Rep. Anthony Weiner's Vegas-based cyber mistress, feels bad about her involvement in "Weinergate." So she's apologizing to his wife.

Yes, she really is. She's penned a letter to Huma Abedin.

The moronic, ethically questionable antics of Weiner almost gloss over the moral element to the scandal - dude has been married for a few years.

Blackjack dealer Weiss says she feels terrible about it.

Lisa Weiss Picture

Weiss, who came forward along with Megan Broussard and Ginger Lee as Weiner sext partners, is pictured above with some other blurry folks.

In the letter, Lisa Weiss tells Huma Abedin she wants to express "deepest apologies for conversing with your husband, Rep. Anthony Weiner."

Weiss adds, "I honestly meant no harm and I hope that you and Anthony can work through this." Oh, and "I still remain a huge supporter!"

We're sure that's very comforting right now.

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This is not about the women. They did not violate their marriage vows, nor did they disgrace their elected office. All blame falls squarely on this prick, an arrogant, narcissus that needs to wake up and smell the resignation!


This is funny the lady writes that she is sorry for being a eSlut with her husband. Meanwhile here's the super NERD congressman Weinter being NERD NASTY on the internet. You just can't make this stuff up! The thing that stick out is tha├× the Republicans fold too quickly when faced with the same issues and for the Democrats there doesn't seem to be anything that would embarrass them enough to let loss of their power. This guys is a JOKE but is the appropriate representative for his district of loosers!


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