Lindsay Lohan Court Fashion Face-Off: Take Three!

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Lindsay Lohan goes to court so much and looks so FINE doing a perp walk, we can't help but analyze her courtroom couture every other month or so.

Our last Lindsay court fashion breakdown featured outfits that were more "bend me over a bench" than "may I approach the bench." Not this week.

While she failed an alcohol test (she blamed it on tea), Lohan actually had no obligation to be tested and did not break any laws or probation terms.

Here are photos of Lindsay yesterday and during her previous visit. She looks pretty, yet pulled together in both, but which outfit is your fave? Vote:

Fashion Face-Off!

What's Lindsay Lohan's best courtroom look? From her fourth and fifth appearances of the year, that is? Vote here and decide! View Poll ยป

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Despite her doing her young, dumb, and full ____ gig. I love Lindsay. Always have(although i did like the red hair better) She a talented young girl who's just made some mistakes. She'll bounce back soon enough.


I love the dark blue look!


Thats the look.. Sexy is automatic. Go for the serious yet casual


Seriously? Her wardrobe? There are far more important things than what this woman wore to court....


It doesn't matter what Lindsay wears, she always looks beautiful. She is a beautiful human being.

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