Linda Hogan on Marriage to Hulk Hogan: SCARY!

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In his autobiography, Hulk Hogan called out ex-wife Linda Hogan, referring to her as an "abusive alcoholic" who used to go after the couple's children.

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    I liked Linda and Hulk as a couple. We were made to believe that he was her prince Charmin. That they were the ideal family. Linda you rode the glory train until it came to the last stop. Then you got off. As simple as that.


    We all didn't live with them she did what was best For her kids and herself .unless u live with a child throwing fits like he did all the time u stay out of fear .I know because it happened to me .so don't judge her .she loved him no matter what happened but when u wake up from it and finally leave its like ur the bad mom for leaving or STAYING ...THE WOMAN NEVER WINS


    You think I am going to buy your book while I cannot pay my bills. Fuck off cunt! You had choices and you should had left long ago. Fuck you!


    It is interesting that when he asked if she ever went to the authorities, she (1) plugged the book; and (2) mentioned that his career would have been damaged. How I took #2: the lifestyle his career afforded her would have been over.

    She is a horrible woman. Horrible.


    What a bunch of CRAP. Theyve been married for how long? like 20 years or so? and NOW you decide to come out to the MEDIA of all people that you were abused? Like SERIOUSLY?

    Get a job. and move on.

    Throughout this entire sharade thats put on..He's never once bashed her. Never said anything negative. Lives his life as it should be lived. And all she does is parade around like shes friggin sexy or something.CLEARLY THEY LIED.

    Like you've ruined ur relationship with your Ex husband, with your kids, PLEASE QUIT WHILE YOUR AHEAD.


    It is sad what people will do for money and fame. I guess she never asked herself what an irresponsible agenda would do to her kids. I don't knowabout about the violence. If it happened I am sorry but slinging of family mud can do as much or more damage than a hand. I wish she would show some dignity for her kids sake.

    she is a sad excuse of a mother.


    Did she ever report these events? NO. Did she remove her kids from a situation where shes fearing for her life? NO. She kept them there. I dont doubt he was violent with her but Ive got issues with her credibility.

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