LeBron James to Haters: Your Life Still Sucks!

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When LeBron James joined the Miami Heat last year - essentially admitting that he couldn't handle the burden of leading the Cleveland Cavs to a NBA title - he became the most polarizing figure in professional sports.

Therefore, when the favored Heat lost Game Six of the Finals last night to the Dallas Mavericks, critics around the country celebrated.

That's Karma for screwing over Cleveland, they cried, pointing to James' subpar stats in the series (18 fourth quarter points... total) as proof that he can't handle the pressure.

LeBron James Pep Rally Pic

Yes, the Heat did... hold an unseemly, premature pep rally that crowned themselves champion before a single game was played.

At the podium after the game, James was asked if he cared about such reaction. His reply likely didn't make him any new fans:

“All the people that were rooting me on to fail, at the end of the day they have to wake up tomorrow and have the same life they had before,” LeBron said. “They have the same personal problems they had today. I’m going to continue to live the way I want to live and continue to do the things that I want with me and my family and be happy with that.”

In other words: hate on, haters. But your life still sucks compared to mine and, get a life, this is just sports.

Were you happy to see the Heat lose?


Everybody needs to stop hating on that man and get a life..LOSERS!!! Cause its always next year..Dallas did a good job.CONGRATS MAVERICKS!!! Even though I am a heat fan


How ironic that not only could LeBron not handle the heat in Cleveland and blamed the team for his shortcomings. He's just a tall ball hog who when it comes to crunch time and pressure couldn't even hold Dirk's jock strap without an excuse. Seriously, it will be a pleasure to watch him lose every playoff game.


Lebrom is awesome! if i was as good as him i would be a jerk too! Cleveland will never be anything how many games did they win this season like 20 if they were lucky! Lebron went where he knew he would go somewhere! and for bosh Wade and James mever playing together before this y ear they did a DAMN GOOD JOB like lebron said "
hate on, haters. But your life still sucks compared to mine and, get a life, THIS IS JUST SPORTS!"


Hey LeBron, I might have to go back to my problems, but they don’t consist of Delonte West banging my mom or Rashard Lewis smashing my girlfriend.


I honestly think you people are just a bunch of HATERS . . ! Lebron is one of the best NBA stars out there!!!


Looks like LeBron couldn't lead the Heat to an NBA title either! haha


Cordette, don't kid yourself. People hate him because he's a GINORMOUS DOUCHE BAG. Who cares where he plays? He makes fun of sick players who are playing better than him with 102 degree fevers, he's more arrogant than Jordan ever was, yet he's never won a title and has to team up with others just to try, he pretty much always says the thing that shows the least class and will make him seem like a whiny brat. The guy is pathetic. That's why he's hated on.


I think Lebron made his own decision to leave cleveland, he was happy with his decision to play for another team and he chose the HEATS. Who are we to hate someone for their choice in their own life, who are we to tell someone to remain somewhere they're not happy? Lebron's responses sometimes may be heated but can we blame him? You show hate and leave threats and expect him to be calm! I'm a bulls fan, and win or lose I'll always be a fan, and if one of those players make a switch they're happy with all I can say is Good Luck and I'll still have love for them. Its like u work somewhere and ur not happy or maybe u choose to leave for some other reason! People just stop hating, its really just sports! Use ur energy to do something good in life.


Lebron would be giving a different speech all together if the heat would have won

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