LeBron James to Haters: Your Life Still Sucks!

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When LeBron James joined the Miami Heat last year - essentially admitting that he couldn't handle the burden of leading the Cleveland Cavs to a NBA title - he became the most polarizing figure in professional sports.

Therefore, when the favored Heat lost Game Six of the Finals last night to the Dallas Mavericks, critics around the country celebrated.

That's Karma for screwing over Cleveland, they cried, pointing to James' subpar stats in the series (18 fourth quarter points... total) as proof that he can't handle the pressure.

LeBron James Pep Rally Pic

Yes, the Heat did... hold an unseemly, premature pep rally that crowned themselves champion before a single game was played.

At the podium after the game, James was asked if he cared about such reaction. His reply likely didn't make him any new fans:

“All the people that were rooting me on to fail, at the end of the day they have to wake up tomorrow and have the same life they had before,” LeBron said. “They have the same personal problems they had today. I’m going to continue to live the way I want to live and continue to do the things that I want with me and my family and be happy with that.”

In other words: hate on, haters. But your life still sucks compared to mine and, get a life, this is just sports.

Were you happy to see the Heat lose?


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I'm not a Lebron hater but I do hate the Heat and the idea of just putting great players together who really have the same game and don't compliment each others game. With that being said, Lebron gets so much hate because he is rammed down our throat all the time, being compared to Jordan with out even one ring, and even now that the Mavs are champs everyone is talkin about Lebron still. It's like when you hear the same song on the radio all summer you get sick of it after a while.


I mean, they were propping this overrated clown up as the next Michael Jordan! Can you believe it? He's not even worth mentioning. He's remarkable only for being so outlandishly over-hyped. It's sick. "Witness" this crybaby fall apart in post-season after post-season. No guts. No team spirit. No loyalty. No class. No heart. Nothing but hype. And a lot of snotty complaints and girlish whining.


Lechoke is the most over-hyped, overrated person in the history of pro sports. He's a gutless, no-class wonder. Anybody who doesn't realize this by now has stuck their head in some dark place. It's just that he's so ridiculously over-hyped. That's the thing. We are all "witnesses" to what? To this self-centered assclown choking and wussing out in playoff after playoff?


@randyjacksonsbutt Have you ever lived in Cleveland, because if you did you would know why people are upset with him. NOT because he left but the way he did it. I live near Cleveland and love it here. Not sure what the hell your talking about. I'd like to know what part you lived in?


To the person who hates on Cleveland, go drink some water from Lake Erie and Die. Cleveland is the Mistake by the Lake, only because we inflated LeBron's self worth. We supported one of our own and we were burned, so like a woman scorned we enjoy to see him fall on his face. Yeah, he has talent but he forgets his roots... that's why he has haters.


So that's how you wanna deal with the haters, no? "So what if I lost, at least I have lots of candies, and you don't!". Remember Lebron, we are all the same regardless of economic stature and fame---we all have feelings. Tomorrow when you wake up, "Heat lost to the Mavs" will sting for you, and the haters will celebrate---again regardless of whether they are rich like you, or just a week to week paycheck guy. Just like you said, "it's just sports". Get it? (I don't think so).


Hey randy butt, i watch the NBA as much as i can and what's laughable is someone without a title to be made that much a big deal out of. Slice it how you want proof is in the pudding. Your right the Spurs let me down this year.Whoa you got me there And hey , his stat's didn't put a ring on his finger did it. You watch his stats and smart ass comments..i'll watch my Spurs


Kevin, I take it, you don't watch the NBA very often (or ever). To say Lebron is overrated is laughable. His career stats do not lie. And if anyone is "overrated" it would be the first seeded Spurs who lost in the first round to the friggin Grizzlies. Again, the friggin Grizzlies. Please keep to the Hollywood Gossip and never comment about sports again. Thank you for your participation.


This guy is nose up in the air. He is been making all those immature comment since the decision show and now he is mocking audience. His multimillion income does not exist without the demand of public. Sports stars do not produce any real-existing goods. Although I have a great respect for those who exhibited excellent athleticism and made impressive achievement, sports stars are nothing more than people working in service industry. I used to like Lebron, now I hate him. I hate his arrogance. I hate his lack of will for winning. People, we are all witness. we will witness how far this super star with immature mind falls down and eventually collapse down to his knee seeking the championship in his 40s.


I think it's about time all the hype surrounding this guy come to an abrupt end, he is way over rated...after all..at the end of the day it doesnt make a good crap how " big a star" you are if your a failure in what you do then your a failure in what you do...and he has to wake up the next day and live with that. My Spurs will have yet another title long before he ever will. Get a title Le bron. then you'll be somebody that's worth folowing in the Great world of NBA