Leah Messer: Loving the Single Mom Life

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“Today has shown me it’s time to start a new beginning for my girls andddd Myself.” - Leah Messer, amid news that Corey Simms knocked up Amber Scaggs

Teen Mom 2 star Leah is loving life these days. Despite her recent, upsetting split with husband Corey, she's determined to put her best foot forward in life.

The mom of twins Aleeah and Aliannah may be struggling through pregnancy rumors, custody battles and divorce proceedings, but she's soldiering on!

Cute Leah Messer

Adorable 17-month-old twins, the girls light up Leah's life like nothing else. Messer wrote this sweet message on her Facebook page just last night:

“I made spaghetti for dinner. It was delicious! The girlies are tucked into bed now, and this is mommies time to clean up && do some laundry!”

Adds the newly-single reality star, “I feel so freakin’ accomplished. ♥ I love my life as a mommy and that’s how I want it foreverrr! :) ”

It's unclear if Simms really got his new girlfriend pregnant, but Leah and Corey filed for divorce in April. Sad, but at least she's moving on.

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leah dont let cori bring you down. because you have 2 baby girls
who love you so very much because all ypu have is your barents and your friends love sabrina haskins from cascade idaho


People make mistakes, but then again they MOVE ON. She made a mistake, and moved on people. IT'S CALLED LIFE. GET OVER IT. She's doing great on her own, and everything that happened was obviously for the best! Don't point a finger before looking into a mirror.


Geeeeee pregnant again... not surprised.


wow you girls must really know what retards are like but corey is the one that's a great dad i don't think she should be happy she's the one that cheated on him and filed for divorce first and to say he's and idiot well i guess he is in a way for loving a cheater-whore-liar like her i am glad corey moved on and he will end up happy and leah will be alone cause evil people like her do get what they deserve


If I was Leah's mom, I would not have been proud of her actions. She is a bad example 4 Teen Moms everywhere! Get this chic off Teen Mom 2!


It's not leah who needs to grow up it's the people posting these ignorant posts that need to grow up.


leah is a hobag cunt!!! can't believe she cheated on corey. corey may not be perfect, but what man is? at least he tried to keep his family together and will provide for his kids.


I think leah is a strong person and it took alot for her to file divorce papers and i dont think shes a slut at all so everyone needs to stop saying that. shes a good person and is only doing whats right for her kids and if she found someone who treats her better than corey did why is that a bad thing? put yourself in someones elses shoes before you just jump to judge them.. i like all the teen moms some more than others but judging them is not far.. none of us know how stressful it is to have cameras watching your every move... if u dont have any thing nice to say dont say it at all!!! you know she has probably read all of these... thanxs,


ok so i read all of the comments and u guys need to cill i now she is dumb for geting nocked up at 16-17 but thats not your problem if u think there stupid then dont watch the show i mean wow u guys r being harsh if i think there stupid i change the show and keep the comments to my self and btw im happy u moved on


No doubt she sees herself as accomplished. She has always been very proud of herself and seen herself as better than others. I am pretty sure Corey was not her first and will not be her last. Neither will jeremy. She just finds herself too irresistable.
She is nopw saying the show ruined her life. I would bet the right attorney could get her out of her contract since she claims she wants to leave. Of course, she would want money.
Next to men, that is her favorite thing.
She is not the only mom to have a child with disabilites or that is a dwarf. But I will be suprised if she ever calls Ali's health issue, dwarfism. After all she is perfect and perfect people do not have things like that happen to them.