Lauren Alaina Debut Single Sales: Pretty High!

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Lauren Alaina may not have won American Idol, but she's already proving formidable on the music charts with her first single, "Like My Mother Does."

The track entered Billboard's all-genre Hot 100 chart at No. 20, in addition to No. 9 on the trade's Digital Songs chart, with 121,204 single downloads sold.

This impressive feat marks the highest debut for an Idol runner-up in six years, besting a group that includes David Archuleta and Adam Lambert.

"This is so awesome!" Lauren Alaina said. "American Idol has changed my life, so I'm excited that the songs I performed on there are doing so well."

"I can't believe that I have a song out on country radio, much less that so many stations started playing it right away. I can't wait to get out and meet everybody and thank them personally for playing my song."

Something tells us she'll have time. This girl will be around awhile.


Probably, Lauren is not going to do a world tour because of the genre, Country. Carrie Underwood has sold records more than any idols, but hasn't done a world wide tour. Lauren can still sell records more than any idols without touring worldwide. If she can write songs (unlike many idols who are just like robots), the possibilities are great, and she's just 16.


This is a silly comparison. Adam's No bounderies was not released to radio. Kris as the winner had his version of No Bounderies released to radio. But who knows, maybe Lauren will have a sold out worldwide headlining tour besting Adam again.LOL. But good luck to the young lady and no need to pit her against someone like Lambert. Let her compete with Scotty and her country cousins.


Lauren appeals to the same fan base as Taylor Swift - which is a formidable one. Hopefully she'll do well. I don't think even the most hard core Adam Lambert fans bought the mess that was No Boundaries, so there's no comparison to make here.


Good for her but this is comparing apples and oranges afa Archuleta and Lambert - as others said before me.


It's the Idol's stupid mistake, not releasing a coronation song for David Archuleta right after the finale. His fans still wonder how it would have sounded like. Time of My Life by Cook was the only song released at that time, so David Archuleta's official debut single is Crush at #2 on Billboard.


I adore Lauren and I voted for her to win so I have only good things to say about her. But to be fair, the runner-up's finale song was not released every year like it was this year so it's not accurate nor fair to say that Lauren's song had the highest debut of other runner ups who had no debut song. For example, David Archuleta's first single "Crush" came out in August a few months after the rush of the American Idol finale. Lauren's song was released right on the coat tails of the finale. Not fair to compare.


Not to knock Lauren, because good on her & I think her single is better than that Scotty song about loving big... but... David Archuleta didn't have a song released right after his final. The only songs available were his old Idol downloads & the live performances from the finale. And they were only available for 4 days before being yanked from iTunes. David Cook released "Time of my Life" as the winner. Archuleta's single debut happened a few months later with "Crush," which sold around 160,000 its first week. Adam Lambert did release a single right after Idol--the same song Kris Allen did. That God-awful song Kara wrote.

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