Lady Gaga in Toronto: MuchMusic, Many Outfits

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Lady Gaga recycled her cocoon-hatching arrival before her performance at the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto, but her outfits were certainly new.

The blue-haired songstress was at the event to perform some of her most recent selections, including "The Edge Of Glory," and to pick up two awards.

As the Lady Gaga pictures below indicate, she remained relatively covered up in comparison to her typical outrageous get-ups. Click to enlarge:

Long Blue Hair
Dominatrix Gaga
Colorful Lady Gaga

By Gaga standards, these ensembles were almost demure.

Known almost as much for her barely-there outfits as for her hit songs, Gaga left more to the imagination than usual ... which isn't saying much.

The 25-year-old went on to perform her latest single, a fitting and poignant choice following the death of Clarence Clemons, who is featured on the track.

Here's Gaga taking us to "The Edge of Glory" ...



Somebody look Lady gaga is Weird,but yes everybody have own opinion about she ....
I think Lady gaga its a great performer,in stage act,sing,costume,and she is very multi talented ...
rules Lady gaga


she deserved the awardS. Love the performances. GAGA RULES! HATERS LICK MY ASS!


I never get tired of gaga performances. She is more dressed than usual. Love the performances. Love u gaga

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