Lady Gaga: Bald, Performing "Hair" Live in UK

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Lady Gaga bald? Just when you thought you'd seen everything.

The singer recently opted to go cue ball style for a live performance of (ironically) "Hair" on the UK's Paul O'Grady Show. Bald is beautiful, indeed!

The Mother Monster hung up her wig (literally, on a mannequin atop her piano, in front of her) for this rendition of the track from Born This Way.

There was still plenty of "Hair," just not on her dome. Lady Gaga opted to wear it as her outfit as a hairy teal dress. Check it out in the clip below ...

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Finally, I was starting to have a certain respect for Lady Gaga...She really DOES so something to "suffer" for her "art"... How dumb was I. I had to read the comments below to realize it's only a cap. Oh hell, even Britney Spears had more guts than that.


man if thatsmreal why girl some things you just don't do really bald


Who cares get the fuck to hell.


She looks like a bald oompa loompa trying hard to be John Lennon.Was the piano white?lol.


She's a dumbass, she could have shaved her head,it's not like anybody really cares about her hair.The bald cap was a real cheap stunt right out of a flea market.


My name says it all...


Its a cap,you can see the line.


unique! :)
haters be hatin, but I'll be fan foreva.
Haters will be bitching about her bald head in 3..2..1..


Is she really bald or is that a bald cap?