Lady Gaga Album Sales Top Five Million

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Born This Way just surpassed five million albums sold globally, and Lady Gaga took to her Facebook page to thank the loyal fans who made it happen.

"In just a few weeks Born This Way sold almost 5 million copies worldwide," she writes. "I ♥ you Monsters its just the beginning. Real work starts now."

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What that work is, we can't say. But we can say this with certainty. When the Gaga says jump, Little Monsters all over this earth will say how high.

Cheers to Lady Gaga on this latest milestone!


I love Gaga! Is the tour next year? I wanna buy tickets now.


real QUEENS do real things! GAGA has whooped katy perry 43 weeks of FLOP sales (like only 3 million worldwide) down worldwide in only a month! Britney fell off the earth!


Lady Gaga is a success all around. She is also a great rolemodel for kids. She better than the whole disney channel. She teaches kids to be themselves and to know that no matter what their beautiful. I know some parents think she is awkward or weird, but if you over look that, she is a wonderful star. She has changed the whole world for us!


How is it possible that shes the only artist selling any albums,let alone millions! There are plenty of very talented artists out there who should doing just as good (with better material) something is seriously wrong with society.

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