Lady Gaga Accused of Stiffing Charity

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Lady Gaga may be facing a courtroom showdown after accusations that she didn't give money to a Japanese earthquake charity as she had promised.

According to reports, a class action lawsuit has been filed against the "Born This Way" singer regarding the sale of her We Pray For Japan wristbands.

The proceeds were supposed to go to victims of the disaster that rocked the region earlier this year. The question is whether they actually did.

Lovin' Gaga

Gaga charged $5 for the bands, another $3.99 for shipping and handling and $0.60 for taxes. But a lawsuit claims she inflated the costs, pocketing extra cash.

Also, it alleges she refused to reveal how much of the $5 actually goes to the actual victims. It is not revealed how much she is accused of taking off the top.

This would be unfortunate if it were the case, but it doesn't sound like our girl and could be a completely frivolous lawsuit, or the result of a legitimate error.

We'll wait to hear Lady Gaga's side before assuming anything.



If you got your wristband, stop complaining. Let the people handle the business that are suppose to handle it. Stop worrying about where it goes. She did it to help so let her help and do what she wants with the rest.


At least lady gaga gave something... she didn't have to at all... but she decided to give.


Sure,@steve, it's only her people, not her. But what does it say about her people, then? Doesn't she have any control over what money these people are suckering out of her fans using her name? She's such a mess. Her fans are too good for her.


Did you really just say japan doesn't deserve to be helped? No person, no matter how "mean" they are should have to go through something like that with no help. The fact that all you could think of was to call them was "mean" proves your lack of vocabulary and your lack of having any feelings. I'm speechless. I have met some serious idiots in my life, but never have I read something so heartless and ridiculous in my life. The U.S. Not only realizes that these people are in desperate need of help, but they also realize when something happens to us, were in good standings with other powerful country's because we didn't say "their too mean to people so were not going to help out. Please atleast go back to school and learn how to write sentences.


Lady gaga work for her money ...its her money why she have to help the earth quake in japan .. The japanese deserved what they get too mean to others ....


Hmm... strange. She's crazy. In a good way. She would probably like the new Food Network show, Extreme Chef!! I loved the sneak peek so I am definitely going to watch the premiere on Thursday at 10pm/9c. ITS SO EXTREME!!!


yesterday: putting GAGA on their ice cream brand. Now: a sad law firm which is full of low blow lawyers claims bullshit about the charity. Promoting your firm? F*ck you. EVEN IF IT' TRUE, it's not Gaga, it's the producting company. Gaga has nothing to do with the dollars stuff.


She wouldn't have actually had her hands on ANY of this. She has people to do this type of stuff.


I say the same, abby. I find it VERY hard to believe she did. She has plenty money anyways.


I have a hard time believing that Gaga stiffed a charity.


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