Kim Kardashian Wedding to Cost $10 Million?

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With Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries asking guests for a $43 butter spreader, the following report should come as no surprise.

According to OK! Weekly, the nuptials - rumored to take place on Halloween - between this K-loving couple will run a tab of at least $10 million, as a friend tells the magazine “money is no object when it comes to walking down the aisle."

It helps, of course, when a TV network picks up the check.

Kim Kardashian Wedding Cover

Khloe Kardashian has said that her sister's wedding will rival that of Kate Middleton and Prince William, but an insider claims this is an actual likelihood.

“It’s actually not that much of a joke. Kim is seriously determined to have a royal-type extravaganza.”

Sadly, she does have more power in America than William and Kate have in Great Britain.


I kinda like the Kardashians. Idk y because I think they are so not lady like and very spoiled and selfish (contradict myself much?).Kim is a little lady like but way to attention and money hungry. Asking for all these overly priced items is really ridiculous and selfish because her guests who arent super rich are gonna have to sell an arm and a leg for that crap. She should just have them donate to charity for her weddings gifts. Its not like she and Kris need people to buy things for them. If I could afford it, I would go all our for my wedding too. But not no 10 million dollars. That could provide shelter for soooo many homeless children and their parents. Selfish celebrities.


She looks like a 50 year old woman with a stick up her behind in that magazine cover. Yuck. Of course she's going to go all out for her wedding. Does anyone expect any less. The big question is will she put as much effort into her marriage as she will the wedding?


I wonder how many stitches Kim needed in her a$$ after letting Ray J rip her a$$ to shreads in her sex tape? Kim looked like she was in soooo much pain but she still let Ray J deep d!ck her like a pro porn star


A whore who got famous and had no shame in letting a man spunk in her face and PISS all over her for the opportunity to pose on red carpets is comparing her fake publicity stunt wedding to that of the royal wedding??? At least Kate and Will actually love each other and dont need to live by a script to stay relevant.. Furthermore the Whoredashians should never mention or compare themselves to Royalty


big unbecoming dreams

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