Kim Kardashian to Wed in Two Months? Become Kim Humphries?

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We know it will be huge, possibly even rivaling the recent royal nuptials. But when will the Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries wedding take place?

We may now have a better idea, as sources tell Life & Style that Kim and Kris will walk down the aisle this summer.

"The wedding is going to be at the end of July or the beginning of August," an insider tells the tabloid. "The reason they're rushing it is because they want to do it before the basketball season starts again, so that they have time to have a romantic honeymoon!"

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Another friend says Kim wants a "traditional" ceremony, which could be interesting to see combined with the countless E! cameras that will be on hand for it.

Meanwhile, sources also tell TMZ that Kim Kardashian will soon be no more: she's expected to change her last name to match that of her husband. How will Kris Jenner react if this goes down?

"I don’t think she should take his name and be Kim Humphries," the family's businesswoman of a matriarch recently said. "She needs to be Kim Kardashian because she’s worked so hard to get where she is.”

Hey, at least Jenner is admitting that's all her daughter can offer: a name.



Khole ur a Bad Bitch thats y so many want what u have like ur sis kim tell her to grow up MAKING MONEY IS WHAT SHE IS BEST AT NOT GOOD WITH MEN....SHE KNOWS SHE IS GETTING OLD SO FOR HER WHY NOT....LMAO if u watch their show it tells u how these people really are


wow Kims stans really have about a much class and dignity as Kim - it doesn't matter what shes doing as long as shes making money???? Er no I'd rather be poor for the rest of my life and be able to carry myself with dignity and class than be a rich cum bucket and a national joke.


Stop it haters! Shes good at what shes doing. Just let her be pls!!!
If u call it money making ho bag, i dont really care provided plenty of money is involved. Sometimes i wonder the haters defination of talent. Shes talented peep, shes good at her best.


What the hell?! Kim getting married?
well, good for her and her low lives sisters.


Haha! It's kind of funny how the people trashing Kim K Wish they had the money she had.. like others posted yeah, It don't matter if you have talent or not as long as your making that money! which I Know for a fact none of you shit talkers are pulling off. so stop hating, and shut up for once.


Kim wants to get married as soon as possible so Kris the fool won't wise up and kick that fake ass to the curb just like
Evan Ross, Marquis Houston, Scott Storch, Fabolous, The Game, Nick Cannon, Nick Lachey, Tyson Beckford, William ‘Ray J’ Norwood, Reggie Bush, Christiano, Chengo, Miles Austin, Gabriel Aubry, Kanye West and Damon Thomas did.


first of, i am not a Kim Kardashian fan; but as a business man i sure appreciate someone who knows how to make money. And talking about money she sure has more money than Kris Humphries, unless he gets a better contract. @ JANAE, not all bball players have millions in contract money all though they make more money than i ever have at this point in my life. so as far as money is concerned she is not marrying him for his money, maybe some other sinister motive which i don't care to find out.


Kim doesn't know who she wants to be with. I think she is jealous of her sister Khloe and her husband's relationship. Kim is marrying this man for all the wrong reasons. She doesn't know what true love is and is marrying this man for his money. If I were Kris, I would make the bitch sign a pre-nup.


Kim Kardashian has much more swagger and just sounds better than Kim Humphries! And for all those people trashing the Kardashians because they "have no talent": for centuries it has never mattered if you're talented as long as you can buy people's affection.. Besides they're not doing you any harm so bug the eff off!


Who cares. They're just professional hoes. I haven't given a dime or a minute to these women and their controlling mother and I won't buy a ticket to their continued circus anytime soon.

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