Kim Kardashian Prenup Details: Who Keeps What?

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Kim Kardashian is spending more time in court than she is... doing whatever the heck she actually does.

Aside from threatening Bret Lockett with a lawsuit for claiming the two had a fling, Kim has been drawing up a prenuptial agreement to protect herself against the possibility of divorce. Or, to be more accurate, Kris Jenner has been doing so.

She "drew up the contracts," a source told Us Weekly of Jenner's role in her daughter's legal life. "Kim's Beverly Hills home and all of her assets are protected... additionally, she keeps anything she earns during the marriage."

Photograph of Kim Kardashian

Kris Humphries is a solid NBA power forward, of course, so he'll still have millions when the couple's reality TV contract runs out if they split.

"He does not receive anything if the marriage fails," says the source. "He agreed to that. He's not worried."


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