Kim Kardashian: Pregnant?!?!?!?!?

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Kim Kardashian is not pregnant.

We know this comes as shocking news to anyone who believes supermarket tabloids, but it turns out the latest issue of OK! Weekly simply forgot to include a few words in the following headline.

Kim Kardashian Tabloid Cover

The magazine clearly cut Kim off when she said: I'm having a baby... that I plan to exploit and from whom I'll milk millions of dollars at some point in the near future.

While an anonymous source supposedly told the tabloid that Kim is "absolutely in a hurry” to procreate, we'll need more evidence than a misleadingly-typed headline in order for us to believe that she and Kris Humphries are expecting.

And, when that day does come, we'll pray for the future of mankind.

UPDATE: Incredibly, we were right: Kim has blogged that she is NOT pregnant, adding: "Magazines can be so tricky with their wording! The inside states that one day I want a baby! But I’m not pregnant!"


Kim k, at least u r now happy with kirs,just like every other woman want to be happy with her future husband. Congrat!!


She is for real or dose she need some attention!!!!we will see i feel sorry for bruce n that baby


I feel sorry for this family. The star is Bruce Jenner they treat him like crap and do not respect this man at all He is the star people. Kris needs to wake up and smell the roseses he should of stayed with Broddy's mother she is more beautiful and not fake and money hungry as for Kim she is fake and has no personality. SHe lookes like a mummy with a big ass. Coutney is the beautiful sister is not fake people she speaks her mind and doesn't give a crap what people think hang in there Courtney you a wonderful mother and you work your ass off. Unlike your sisters.


@ a guillory - you are very right! I feel so sorry for the future children of Kim K, not only will they be exploited beyond the realm of belief they will have to grow up knowing anybody at the click of a mouse can watch their mummy being deep d!cked in the a$$, nutted on and p*ssed on by a man who isn't daddy.. That child will need extensive amounts of therapy


like i have been adicted to facebook and havent got on here in month! LOL!


she will b happy, why ?


to Ashley Manjares obviously you give a shit if your reading it dumb ass!!


She probally will have her baby when the ratings of their show needs a boost


I"m happy for her either way she is or isent.


thats my baby in her

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