Kim Kardashian Authenticates Junk in Plump Trunk, Must Get a Life

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Take this, doubters: Kim Kardashian possesses a natural rear end!

In one of her more desperate cries for attention, the mannequin of a reality star claims to have actually gotten an X-Ray of her famous butt this week because she wanted to "show the whole world" it was real.

In response, the whole world said: we know. We already saw it when you let Ray J rail you on tape. Remember?

Kim Kardashian Butt X-Ray

Kim Kardashian gives us the kind of inside look typically reserved for Kris Humphries, or anyone with a video camera.


i like kim kardashian if u can send me a privet image here is my e-mail


TO LUCY: As a registered xray tech, injections such as those used for the buttocks can show up on an xray...there are factors that can affect how well the injected cells show up, but those are dependent on the tech and the factors used in producing the radiograph, not the amount or type of injection that may have been used in the cosmetic procedure.


Butt injections will not show up on the x- ray... Come on people her ass is fake 100%, that wasn't a God given gift and haters i highly doubt that's what we are. These stars change their appearance dramatically, to where we think we are not good enough and we are!!!


@ Skye I feel exactly the same as u do... She is such a liar and thinks the public are blind and oblivious to her ever evolving face! You can google before and after pics and see the difference lol


thats a big deal coz guyz liks chocks wit big ass....lik it kim .k


Who kares?


kim once admitted to hv tried botox before. so my question is y wld do dt wen she has big ass already? u see, she's a ho liar. y do we even kia? nobody gvs a fuck of ur fake ass n boobs kim bcz we all knw d truth. i pity mr humpheries for wantn to dine together wt whoredarshians bcz ur death is near.


With Kim K. showing the world an x-ray of her a@ss, I wonder what the future in-laws think of their son's prized catch!!


That settles it. Organic is the way to go


Does anyone really care if her butt is fake? Is this a quesion anyone is sitting around pondering? No one? Thats what I thought. Get over yourself Kim, no one cares if your butt is real. Showing xrays of your butt to the world. Classy...


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