Kim Kardashian Accused of Cheating With Bret Lockett, Threatens to Sue In Touch Weekly

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Normally, Kim Kardashian loves attention ... but not this kind of attention.

The professional celebrity is PISSED that In Touch Weekly is running a huge cover story claiming she has been cheating on her fiance, Kris Humphries.

They even name her supposed male mistress: NFL player Bret Lockett!

Kim Kardashian Caught Cheating?!

Kinky texts? Wild phone sex? Was Anthony Weiner involved?

Kim says she has never even met or spoken with Lockett ... but in the story Lockett is QUOTED PERSONALLY as saying that Kim pursued him, and that, "I knew this was a game to her ... this is what she does."

Yeah. Kim's rep says she's gonna be suing both In Touch and Bret.

A demand letter from Kim's lawyer has already been sent, threatening legal action and putting In Touch on notice, calling the cheating allegations "are, at a minimum, damaging, defamatory, and an invasion of her privacy."

The tabloid is running the story anyway. Lawyer up, In Touch.

THG POLL: What do you think? Did Kim have an affair?

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You Know What I Just Basically dont Care What You Think Becuase I Like Who I Like, Which It Doesnt Affect You At All Just Like You Like who You Like And I Dont Care And For Liking Kim I Dont Think That Makes Me A Idiot........... So Mind Your Own Business And Everyone Thinks And Like Different Things And People!!!


@ mia pia please publish that for the world to see!!!! so so true. Kris humphries run for your life!!!


This Is For muzopuzo You Know What SHUT THE FUCK UP And Stop Hating On The Family You Wish You Can Be That Famous And GEt That Tipe Of Attention And All The Money Kim Has............ So Stop Talking Trash And Stop Hatin And Get Your Own FuCKEn Life!!!!


He looks more like Kim's type than Kris any ways. It will never work and this is just another PR stunt. They will call off the engagement and we will hear more of this bitches whining!!


Looks like MiaPia is one of her sisters!! LOL (or Paris Hilton)


Iam disgusted on how they makes this family famous by being white trash . why are they celebrities , kim is ony famous because of her father and sex tape and the gorila sister is famous because she is with a baketball star ( he could do much better )
This is what our sociaty is coming to , white trash , dysfunctional , Kim should just be a porn star at least those women don't claim to be any thing else , they know what they do and take tehm for what they are . Not like this fake family of mother f**kers trying
to potray what a good family they are


Wow @ miapia u have no life and way 2 much time on ur hands 2 say all that when u probably don't even know kim.


Ohh kim I really dont know that this is true but I do know that thank god im not famous I would of had my life reunied but I do have to give props to pia because that was a really good artical but come on people give it a rest leave celebs alone I bet shes broken hearted right know crying and eating ice cream leave people alone america


Ok... So Pia... How do you know her life story? Do you stalk her? I have no idea how much of that is false... I cant believe anyone would write something like that about someone else. Talk about shameless! You should really look in the mirror! That was sick and immoral, Kim does have some issues but who doesnt? Shame on you!


Please, let's Not invade Kim K's privacy. She wants to be so left alone so that she can concentrate on holding on to Kris Humphries before he comes to his senses.
Please, let's Not mess this up for Kim. A "man" has finally asked her to marry him,and by all indications he accepts all of her past flaws and all. Right Now, the only thing that is on the minds of The Kardashians is to get this wedding done and over with. With Mama Pimp Kris Jenner behind the wedding plans, the only side that they want Kris H. to see is the side that she is on sitting Next to him and gazing starry eyed at him for the KAMERAS. Any other time, a New man, and a New tabloid story would be welcomed, but Not Now. This wedding is the most important thing in The Kardashians' plans, so any truth or dare stories are Not welcomed at this time. Kim K. Needs to marry this guy Now while he is still in "puppy love" heaven with her!!

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