Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season Premiere: Welcome, Kris Humphries!

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We already know that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are engaged.

But how did this true love come about? What family obstacles did these two overcome to arrive at the special place where E! is planning their wedding special? And why was Khloe so emotional about their coupling up?

All these burning questions and more were at the center of last night's Keeping Up with the Kardashians season premiere.

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Kim kicked off the episode by telling her sisters she plans to give her children K names. They think she's crazy. Seriously, where would she possibly get that idea?!?

The siblings then banded together to teach mother Kris Jenner a lesson. They believed she was focusing more on the family business than the family itself, the irony lost on Khloe and Kourtney that they were bringing this fact up in front on a reality TV show that was paying the family millions.

Note to my mother: you can make me $65 million any year. I promise not to get mad at you for it.

Kourtney then had a grand idea for Kardashian bonding: game night! There was only one problem: no one aside from Bruce showed up. Didn't everyone else read their scripts? Where were they?!?

Kim was in NYC with Kris, finally causing the girls to realize how serious the relationship had become. This was especially troubling for Khloe because she gets so close to Kim's array of men. Heck, she still had photos of Miles Austin in her bedroom, which wasn't creepy at all!

Fortunately, all turned out fine in the end. Kris organized a family dinner, Kim took a hilarious fall in four-inch heels during it, the family toasted to its good (HUGE!) fortune and viewers settled in for a season's worth of pretend drama and staged arguments.


To "lovely"..... Well actually dear, that's exactly what 2.2 millions of their FORMER viewers did last monday during their premier. The K's LOST 53% of their viewers this season. 0-0! Pretty soon EVERYONE will have woken up and followed your wonderful suggestion! Soon the Kardashian plague will be wiped off television altogether. By the millions we're taking your sage advice "lovely" and turning them off for good. Thanks for caring.


If you hate them so much, stop watching it! No one is making you.


This is a deep family, with deep, deep thoughts! Ha ha!


She looks so fake and brain dead. Why is it whenever a sextape "leaks" out to the public that person becomes famous overnite. I was blissfully unaware of whom Paris Hilton was until someone pulled out her tape, she's another brain dead human. Lord knows if the average person put out a tape, no one would care who they are nor would they become instant celebs. I still cannot figure out exactly what these people contribute to society.


ya'll are just mad coz their banks are rollin and yours are injured! lol please... these gurls, are just better than any of you.. stop hating... i wanna be like them when i grow up!


Kim k. is not more like a plastic doll botox everywhere in her part body and silikon Oh My why so many Guy like such a fake woman :-o


awhhh i loveee the kardashians. Maybe i can meet them one day congrats kim on your engagement that rock is sooooo fine:))


Im so upset I waisted my life on these people. I'm getting so tired of hearing about them everywhere. Nobodys cares anymore


You do realize the only reason this family its famous is because of a sex tape.
Call it a mistake.
Call it crazy kids in "love".
Or call it like it is, a girl who will do anything to be on the cover of a magazine.


That whole bunch is nasty talking trash. Bruce should get out of that mess. I read someplace that Kris wants to get the Kardashian name back. well, let her Bruce and wipe your hands of the white trash.

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