Katie Couric to Develop News Show For ABC

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Katie Couric is going back to her roots.

The anchor is rejoining ABC for a news show that is still in development, she said in a statement today: "I'm very happy to be returning to the network where I began my career as a desk assistant in 1979."

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"It is tremendously exciting to have creative freedom to develop my own show ... and to contribute to such a vibrant, innovative news division."

Since leaving the chair of the CBS Evening News last month after five years, Couric has been rumored to be developing a daytime talk show.

While the format has yet to be finalized, Couric is excited to get to work: "I can't wait to be part of this incredibly talented, visionary team."

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Palin is a disaster I refseud to watch but I did see recaps showing her in her Johnny Cash outfit and acting like a cougar. So sad. Did anyone see Star Jone's face/body language in one of the scenes? Priceless. YUCK. Go away already.


Sorry meant six moililn, not half a moililn. I’ll never get used to typing on my phone.


1979 what a year to begin. Guyana Punchline fresh in the psyche (thats not a joke) 911 dead.. Im depressing I know. Katie is amazing. What a stressful job she had. I hope this new show is really a newfound and original advent


Couric should have Weiner on as soon as possible so they can, you know, exchange photos and other stuff...


Supposedly ABC is giving Katie Couric the 3:00pm time slot, which means Couric is coming aboard at the expense of the long running General Hospital. ABC has been doing this with too many shows, both daytime and primetime. If you are a fan of GH or even if you are not, please let ABC know that it is viewers that make a network and that viewers need to be considered when making decisions, not corporate politics. They could easily give Couric the the 4PM time slot Oprah vacated and keep GH on. Also make it known that we will not watch Katie Couric's show if it means the death of long time favorite.

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