Katie Couric Spoofs Kate Gosselin, Promotes "Katie Plus 80" Reality Show

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Kate Gosselin returned to TLC Monday night with an new episodes of Kate Plus 8, but she may have competition in the giant family reality TV genre.

Get ready for Katie Plus 80!

During a Tuesday night visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live, Couric, who just left the desk of CBS News after five years as anchor, gave us a sneak peek of her new reality show ... which is a joke, of course (and unfortunately) ...

While we won't be seeing Katie catapulting spaghetti and meatballs at a giant group of kids anytime soon, she is developing a new show with ABC.


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You keep it up now, uendrstnad? Really good to know.


Love the Kate Gosselin spoof! Hopefully we don't see Kate Gosselin still on reality TV when she is 80 and her long suffering children are in their 50's!!!

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