Karissa Shannon and Sam Jones: It's Over!

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Playmate Karissa Shannon and Sam Jones of Smallville / federal drug charges / Karissa sex tape fame are OVER, according to a stunning report.

According to TMZ, she did the dumping ... in duplicitous fashion!

Manipulating her man with a cruel bait-and-switch, she told Jones she needed to move back into the Playboy mansion "for professional reasons."

Karissa and Sam Jones III

That's hilarious enough, but after he helped her pack up her stuff, she dropped the hammer, confessing she was actually moving in with her sister.

Oh yeah, and their relationship was over. It's been real, Sam Jones!

Coming on the heels of Crystal Harris bailing on their wedding at the last second, this marks the week for Hugh Hefner's former girlfriends.

Kristina Shannon, your move.




ho, ho, ho


that bruise on her leg maybe coz she had some rough sex if you know what i mean lol


You lay down with a dog you get up with fleas!


Monkey see, monkey do, I see you!!!


Oh I know how she got that bruise, he was smackin that ho!! LOL


Yea, what's going on with that huge bruise on her thigh?? And you would think for once she would want to cover it up, but NO let's wear a shorter skirt to show it off!!
Sorry honey, that is not something to be proud of.


Does anyone know how she got that awful bruise on her leg?

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