Justin Theroux: Actually Dating Jennifer Aniston!

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Things appear to be heating up between Jennifer Aniston and her new man, Justin Theroux. Yes, apparently we're serious. They've been dating for a few weeks!

Rumors of Theroux dating Aniston first surfaced two weeks ago, but were quickly dismissed, as no one had heard of him, and every guy is linked to Jennifer.

Now, however, People reports that they are very much an item.


Justin is making Jen a little less lonely lately.

On May 27, Jennifer threw a small get-together for close friends, including Chelsea Handler and Courteney Cox, to introduce them to Justin Theroux.

"They all had a great time and enjoyed Justin's company," a source says.

The new couple – who became friendly on the set of Wanderlust – are "doing great ... he’s edgier than the guys Jen usually dates. She really likes him!”

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I hope she fines that Mr. Right, maybe she has or maybe she hasn't.. But I so hope she does soon. She deserves it!!!!


No one can steal another person away from anyone. He could not have been happy with Heida or he would not have gone after Jen. I hope Jen finds the man she is looking for soon and Heida will just have to move on if he is with Jen now.


Would'nt it just blow all you Jenn Fans minds if Jenn went after an unsingle man! You can't take away a happy partner!!!!!!! That would really blow your image of her.. I think he looks like a creap. If shes dating him it's because shes now scraping the bottom of the barrel.


I think that it is note worthy to mention that Heidi Bivens and Justin Theroux have been in a
relationship for 14 years. This young woman is a ''Classy lady'' and a "LADY" at that!!! It is a
real shame to see what seems to be taking place as written in all the tabloid magazines. The
very BEST to Heidi and those who admire you "CHEER" her on!!!


Jennifer’s rep exclusively told Celebuzz that the two are not dating:


He and Bivens split up earlier this year - she is not his girlfriend anymore so he is perfectly free and single to be dating Aniston if this is true. And this story was not denied by both parties - they were spotted at dinner a couple of weeks ago and her rep said then that the dinner was with other people, but he did not say they are not together. Biven's mother gave some cryptic quote to a tabloid where she said Theroux had said he and Aniston were just friends, but she wouldn't comment on his status with her daughter. Who knows when Theroux had said this to her (if he even did to begin with) - any friend/family/acquaintance willing to give quotes to tabloids is suspect at best.


Well, he might have a girlfriend but could still easily be seeing her. Most people are dating someone most of the time, it doesn't mean that person is Mr of Ms Right. He's not married is he? I bet if Jen wants him she's going to have him. It's her time already!


This story is just a story it was denied by both parties. Justin Theroux has girlfriend Heidi Bivens he lives with her they were just photographed together on April 25 2011. Plus this story was changed several different times. Apparently they don't know how to write. Get a real job.


He could do with a shave! I love Jen. I hope she finds her love & light soon :)


Good for Jen - hope she's happy and if so, hope this relationship is a keeper. Not digging Justin's bearded look, but he looks great clean-shaven.

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