Justin John Bieber on Facebook: Eff Kids!

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A man named Justin John Bieber is creating quite the stir on Facebook for two reasons:

  1. His name.
  2. The fact that he goes off on Justin Bieber.
FB Profile

A 50-year old man, this Justin Bieber feels as attached to his name as Michael Bolton did on Office Space: he was here first, he thinks the other Justin Bieber is a "punk ass little bandit" and he has no intention of changing it!

We don't approve of some of Justin John's language or reference, but it's better to see a middle-aged man turning away "little girls" than trying to friend them, isn't it?

UPDATE: Apparently this Facebook profile is a fake and the picture is of French computer scientist Michael Xhaard.

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Shut up if he is a fifty year old man next he goin to rape selena gomez even know it is a rumor I believe it


his a dick....not that im really crazy bout justin bieber but this crazy guy is really an asshole


Silly imposter, BeeBee only posts on Mandate and Men4Men.




And this news because..??


justin bieber is not any of that he is amazing