Justin Bieber Takes on BET Security Guard: "This Guy's a Douchebag!"

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Justin Bieber was his usual, calm, cute self at last weekend's BET Awards.

He battled Jaden Smith in a Fashion Face-Off, he flirted with Nicki Minaj on stage. But sources confirm that a confrontation took place prior to the show, as Justin and his team tried to enter the event.

Detailed in the video above, Justin's entourage was stopped at the door because one of his bodyguards did not have a ticket. Both sides argued and Bieber jumped in, saying:

"I need to bring my security! This guy's a douche bag."

The bodyguard eventually entered the auditorium, Bieber presented his award smoothly and a rep for BET simply said of the incident:

"It is our standard policy to make sure everyone has their tickets or credential upon arrival. Justin had the proper credentials."

This isn't the first time Justin's security team has created a raucous. One of its member actually tangled with a New York police officer last week during a misunderstanding in the Big Apple.


The only Douche Bag here would be Justin Bieber himself!! Gag, so sick of this no talent crap face!


The security guy was simply doing his job & following orders. Simply because Justin wanted in to the venue right that instant doesnt give him the right to belittle someone thats just doing their job.
I dont hate Justin. I just think hes immature & needs to chill out. When did he suddenly become entitled?!?


Stop hating!He is normal! And he got angry!GET A LIFE PEOPLE!HE IS NOT A JERK!I bet u would say the same thing.


Stop hating!He is normal! And he got angry!GET A LIFE PEOPLE!HE IS NOT A JERK!


they may not have great moments all the time but this little meat stick is known for causing shit with security guards or workers in the stadiums he plays at. this kid thinks hes the next big thing cuz grown men give their stupid little daughters hundreds of dollars to go see this idiot. Pathetic. Never say never?? or Never say "i admit i was wrong". its like he thinks the world owes him or something. well justin......we dont.


I love how people judge others. Justin is a person, do any of you really know him? know what he is like day to day? I don't and neither do any of the haters. Im not a huge fan but damn people get a life and stop bad mouthing a 17 yr old! celebrities are still people and they dont always have the best moments. Move.on.


Justin, is a spoiled little brat who thinks the world revolves around him and if anyone questions him he starts to have a temper tantrum. It's amazing he doesn't stomp his little feet and cry. He needs to realize he's in a grown up business and act like a grown up and not a little baby.


he did say it, watch the video lol


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Tmz.. Are you fucking kidding me? You bastards. Smh.

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