Justin Bieber Takes on BET Security Guard: "This Guy's a Douchebag!"

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Justin Bieber was his usual, calm, cute self at last weekend's BET Awards.

He battled Jaden Smith in a Fashion Face-Off, he flirted with Nicki Minaj on stage. But sources confirm that a confrontation took place prior to the show, as Justin and his team tried to enter the event.

Detailed in the video above, Justin's entourage was stopped at the door because one of his bodyguards did not have a ticket. Both sides argued and Bieber jumped in, saying:

"I need to bring my security! This guy's a douche bag."

The bodyguard eventually entered the auditorium, Bieber presented his award smoothly and a rep for BET simply said of the incident:

"It is our standard policy to make sure everyone has their tickets or credential upon arrival. Justin had the proper credentials."

This isn't the first time Justin's security team has created a raucous. One of its member actually tangled with a New York police officer last week during a misunderstanding in the Big Apple.


Wow! 100 Million Views.. I closely fowelold Rebecca Black video since it went up.. on its Peak which was Mid March, there were roughly 200-300 comments every time song was played start to end. Even though I don't consider Friday as a good song.. it does have a catchy tune. I wonder if we are going to see other such 'Funnn-lyrical' videos. Also I read the news, Glee might be doing a cover of 'Friday'. And Rebecca Black will be the youngest person to get an Twitter Verified Account!


I am soooo waiting for the day when he stops showing his ugly face. And more importantly.... stops whining (singing)


hes aloud to swear and do wierd things dont judge him for what he says


Great page to read, keep on posting!


@pankti Please note. This guy Should A) be a role model B) Be happy with his success And C) Stop thinking he's everyone's better.


Like really?? Look Beiber..I understand you just came out about a year or so ago..an blah blaah blahhh... but dude...chill out.. when you get to Michael Jackson Status...or Bono Status....put 30+ years in the music industry..make countless multi platinum ALBUMS


he better pray that he can get taller, otherwise people will move on to someone with the real voice and looks, and someone taller. I'm not kidding. It happens all the time. .. By the way he's not a late bloomer, he's just really small. He has this unique bone structure for really small person.


Dont blame him for getting angry. dont call him a fuckin diva because hes not. he might get angry sometimes and he might call people names but if u think about it i net half u guys posting get so fuckin angry and i bet that u guys dont even say douchebags. u guys say Oh hes a fag and what not. justin bieber is not a fag and he has accomplished more in 2 years and u will in a lifetime so BACK OFF!!!


Justin, please don't become a diva. I loved you because you were sweet, funny, and down to earth. You used to tweet 'shawty' now you tweet 'swag' You used to be the boy next door. Now you're... different. I realize you're growing up in Hollywood now, but that doesn't mean you need to become a badass. I know u won't read this, but its true


1.justin sucks my lil sis has dat voice. .
2.he s gay. .who d hell s he to say such things jus coz he s a famous hotshot . . . let the peopl do their jobs n bliebers no offence get sum real hero to cheer on nt a f**king douchebag. . . .

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