Justin Bieber Presents: The Top 10 Little-Known Facts About Me!

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Were you aware that Justin Bieber served eight months in prison for siphoning gas? Or that his new fragrance is also a salad dressing?

Oh, and those iconic locks? It's a hair piece.

The 17-year old singer revealed all these little-known facts and more about himself while presenting a Top 10 List on The Late Show with David Letterman last night. Watch him enter late-night territory below, where he wasn't greeted with his usual hoots, hollers and cat calls. And where the host poked fun at his age...

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Ya learn something new everyady. It's true I guess!


That was funny! He would probably like the new show on the Food Network, Extreme Chef! I caught the sneak peek and it was so fantastic that i am definitely going to tune in for the premiere on Thursday. Its at 10pm/9c for anyone who would like to watch! I highly recommend!!


Learn to spell.


'...where he wasn't greeted with his usual hoots, hollers and cat calls.'
You forgot the "AIIIIEIEIIEEIIEE, MARRY ME"s. ;)


Justin rox


Wotever. . .justin roxx!


I'm Gay!

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