Justin Bieber Dons Earrings: Hot or Not?

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Justin Bieber made a surprise appearance at last night's MTV Movie Awards. In more ways than one.

The singer showed up on stage to accept the award for Best Jaw-Dropping Moment, which he earned for his performance in "Never Say Never."

He then made the jaws of many viewers drop by donning new accessories: a pair of earrings, one in each lobe. Study the picture below and then sound off with your take on this fashion statement...

Justin Bieber, Earrings

What do you think of earrings on Justin Bieber?


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this was a huge mistake a lot of the haters say hes gay but(hes not!) and this just gave all those haters out there another reason to think he or just to hate on him even more


Some spacers might look alright, but not regular earings.


He just needs a decent haircut/style. He already looks a bit feminine so the cut just adds to that. The earrings make him look even more feminine.


I so love Justin Bieber!! I'm a BIG FAN but seriously this look makes him look like a lesbian:/


Um, no one can compare to Jordan Knight so let's clear that up real quick! I think people just need to let Justin do his job and entertain "his" fans. If you don't like him or can't handle his looks, then quit bringing your a$$ here to make an un-necessary comment. It's obvious you have no life. LOL!!


I have never liked Justin bieber and especially not his girl voice but I like his kindness from what I have heard. The earrings just made my dislike of him closer to a hate. SO unattractive..


The boy could wear 2 slabs of bacon dangling from his lobes and he would still be friggin' adorable!


Ok he has had his ears pierced the whole time he was famous. If he felt like wearing earrings then he can wear earrings. It's not that big of a deal. It doesnt make him gay either; he is dating Selena Gomez, remember? Gosh people are so stupid and judge mental.


He looks Like a little girl! I thought he was more masculant w? the longer skater boy hair cut!


I guess he will come out from closet. Girlfriend.... SURPRISE.