Justin Bieber-Chris Brown "Next 2 U" Music Video: Leaked, Unfinished, HOT!

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Justin Bieber and Chris Brown have been teasing their music video for “Next 2 U” like madmen. But here we have the greatest tease of all:

An uncut, unedited version of their collaboration!

Directed by Colin Tilley, the video begins with some acting scenes for both Justin and Chris, followed by an apocalyptic explosion of sorts.

The two then show off their dance moves and compete to get “next 2” to their love interests. So who wins out? Who do you freaking think?

Sorry, CB. It's the Bieb's world. The rest of us just live in it:

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i love it.... i wish i was actin like Chris brown girlfriend on there... i love him..... i wish i was mrs.breezy!! holla! i love u chris brown 4ever and ever!! #team breezy....or die!!


Bieber, you would think since you're 16? I dont know... Either way give or take some years you would know how to spell. I learned how to spell both "to" and "you" in pre-school.


fyi for those who are confused...
if you look at the chorus "one day when the sky is falling i'll be standing right next to you", youd see how the video kind of relates to the song. the sky was literally falling
and the disaster that started everything was an earthquake. so yeah, just if youre confused oh and, i think "it's the bieb's world" was actually referring to the fact that justin actually gets his girl back in the end, not that he actually out-dances chris. lol


It is Bieb's world?? I saw him make not one dance move in the whole video. CB did every one I saw, and what the heck was that video about? A car on fire, girl getting hit, all while singing about his love for her? Please!!!


at first i was confused, but then i was like aww i get it this is sweet. but it shud b selena gomez and justin bieber cuz selena wud get really jealous and this vid is has REALY BAD graphics


What the Hell? I like the song, but im confused by the video.


Well i just think it was a good video. good job guys =)


Well if i was givin it starz i'd say 2 1/2..!!!


What the HELL was that....!!!