Justin Bieber-Chris Brown "Next 2 U" Music Video: Leaked, Unfinished, HOT!

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Justin Bieber and Chris Brown have been teasing their music video for “Next 2 U” like madmen. But here we have the greatest tease of all:

An uncut, unedited version of their collaboration!

Directed by Colin Tilley, the video begins with some acting scenes for both Justin and Chris, followed by an apocalyptic explosion of sorts.

The two then show off their dance moves and compete to get “next 2” to their love interests. So who wins out? Who do you freaking think?

Sorry, CB. It's the Bieb's world. The rest of us just live in it:

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Browns style came naturally.bieber was morphed into who he is today.u could say breezy was “born original�.nevertheless these two are on the same side here.but yes chris is one of the greats.bieber is who his mentours made him to be.


hey i like this video its amazing. i love you justin and chris! foreva


It's Chris' song he deserves and claims the spotlight through the entire video with the exception of not getting his girl, which he very well still could do since this isn't the final edit. Which, brings me to my next point, why are ya'll rating it and critiquing the effects when it's a leaked video, still in it's edited process. If the video is this amazing unedited, imagine in finished!!


@King Makers: Yes. I like both these artists, the reason justin gets more popularity is because he's more relatable. And yes, he certaintly is a role model. I'm not white, i listen to Bieber. Yeah, it may be to increase sales but dont most artists do that? Get a big name on their track?! They are both taleneted, they both deserve the attention and praise. Most people misunderstand Justin, simply thinking he's just another hearthrob but theres more to him than that...


@T man: i agree with you 100% Bieber is a racial poppet question is, how come Bieber has so much popularity especially since he is half as talented as Breezy? Whats that thing that excites everyone about this kid that is pungent to sight? getting all these awards, MTV, VMA, BILLBOARD, etc for what?! He isn't an amazing singer, can't really dance, average/ staged performance, can't write songs yet? Is he a role model? cos he hasn't made any mistakes yet? but has sex with selena from 15-16? Remember Breezy made his 1st mistake when he was 19 years & Justin is just only 17 years now. compare Chris 1st video to Justin's 1st video=> Chris is always going to be better that Justin & his mentor. He is in this video to increase sales and boost Chris popularity amongst those white kids=> otherwise, he really is a waste of space on this track


Nawwww soo sweet. :) loved it


i love you chris in this world best songer


Lets stop decieving ourselves, bieber is not half as intelligent and gifted as chris brown. Chris can fit into almost every genre of music and he has astonishing and great dance moves that would keep u thrilled. He should be compared with greats like mj and not some amatuer like bieber.


This song is not just justin, the song is both chris and justin. Hilton hater, What in the worlds r u guys talking about? Quit down grading chris brown.


well i did not see the video or the song so idk but i bet the cideo is cool and so is the song .