Jill Zarin: Mario Singer Shoved Me!

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Jill Zarin has upped the ante in her feud with Ramona Singer.

The Real Housewife of New York City walked the red carpet of the Bad Teacher premiere this week and was asked for an update on her relationship with her co-star. She pulled out quite the accusation in response.

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"Last weekend, [her husband] shoved me," Zarin said of Mario Singer. "I was at a friend's house for a dinner party. I was on line for the buffet... and Mario started screaming at me, uncontrollably. And then he pushed me – he shoved me with his hand. He was blaming me for his wife coming off badly on the show."

Ramona shrugged off the charge, telling the In the Mixx radio program:

"She likes to exaggerate things. And it seems like the only way she can get press is to say exaggerated things about me."

Oooh, snap!

Which side do you take in this ongoing feud, readers? And, more importantly, do you care one iota?

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I am so sick of Jill and Luann. Jill just can not stop backstabbing castmates and Luann needs to get off her high horse. The countess title needs to go as does her singing career!!!!!


Ramona has a drinking problem and her husband Mario has anger issues well documented in passed seasons of RHONY.


Team Jill all the way for all five of us. It's always the same stupid people who blog every where they can with the same stupid attacks. Maybe it's really Bethenny's staff who's writing most of this stuff. Ramona goes out of control way to often - hard to believe she's 55 years old because she acts like a 12 year old brat. Mario is kinda creepy, not a nice guy. We hear he loves driving his porsche around trying to attract the younger ladies. Wonder if it's true..


I believe Mario to be the type of man capable of pushing a woman. While Jills story may not be entirely true, Mario is scummy enough to assault someone even a female.


Team Jill all they way. She's really not that bad this season....but Ramona is not only a overdramatic nutcase... She's a flaming drunk. Plus Marios' got CHEATER written all over him. Hmmmmm deflect much Mario. You really stand up for your woman don't ya. Even though you didn't even know what country your wife was visiting.


Jill would lie for any reason...this woman wouldn't know the truth if it hit her in the face. It is truly sad that Jill is so insecure that she has to badge and bully everyone she knows.


I am team Jill. Ramona is a crazy wacked out women. I would believe Jill over Ramona anyday. And Mario hes just plain stupid. go Jill go Jill go Jill go Jill.


Jill Zarin is a wretched woman. Dump her and the entire NY cast.


Jill Zarin is such a liar, and is so CLEARLY bent on attacking Ramona (the way she did Bethenny last season), that I would not believe a single thing she says. I think Jill is showing her desperation: She and Luann have been lying and creating false stories about Ramona and Alex all season, and yet STILL the fans are on the sides of Ramona and Alex, with the majority hating Jill * Luann. So Jill is stepping up the nasty, false accusations. She has really painted herself into a corner. Does Mario have the right to be mad at Jill and confront her? Yes! Just last week she, on the show, claimed she had heard, 'from her crowd' that Mario was cheating on Ramona. Jill made that accusation on camera. How would she like it if someone made that claim about her darling ATM, Bobby? I wouldn't be surprised if Mario had a few choice things to say to Jill, but there is no way he shoved her. Just look at the claims of victimhood Jill comes up with EVERY time anyone disagrees with her on the show.