Jersey Shore Season 4 Cast Pic: Greased Up in Italy

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The Jersey Shore cast recently posed with a vespa for a promotional picture in Italy. Season Four of the MTV show is being filmed in Florence as we speak.

It's nice to see everyone together and happy. Well, happy may be a stretch. At least they're in one piece and looking as guidoed-out as ever. Holla.

The Old Country will never be the same again ...

Jersey Shore Season 4 Cast Photo

Hopefully this photo shoot was Snooki's only experience riding the vespa.

What a tumultuous last couple of weeks of filming it's been. And we thought that last season in Seaside was off the chain. Some highlights from Florence:

The fourth season of Jersey Shore premieres August 4.



How dare you judge anyone else for enjoying something you don't? With a name like that i guess i shouldn't be surprised, eh capri? Get a life and stop talking smack about real tv and read a book you judgmental prick! Jones, snooki being drunk in public is not nearly as detrimental to your precious american way as the fact that you think we should be revered because we were lucky enough to be born here! Respect is earned, bub. Now shut up and enjoy the GTL bitches!


Loveeeee them. Idgaf wht anybody says& id love to meet them alll to. I cnt believe vinny walked out =(( THUMBS ^ for plenty to come seasons!


I absolutely love this show!! I know that a lot of people make fun of it but whatever!! Jersey Shore is awesome and I would love to meet them sometime!!! Rock on for more seasons!!! You guys are beautiful!!!


awhh the cast looks amazing and snookie is looking smaller good job girl:) cant wait till august 4 when the season prem. airs YAY


oh lala.....its retards like you that keep these peices of shit on the air. grow a fucking brain and watch some real fucking tv.


Snooki getting cursed by a gypsy woman wow!!! Now I can wait to watch the show #team jersey shore!!!!


Was just in Florence last week. Saw Snookie - drunk as a skunk and fell while walking. Great representation of Americans. Maybe she'll lose her passport and is trapped in Rome's airport forever. If only ...........