Jay Leno Asks Kim Kardashian: Is That Real?

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Very little about Kim Kardashian is real.

Her televised fights are scripted, her engagement was filmed by a camera crew, her Tweets and Facebook posts are paid for by sponsors.

But it's safe to assume Kris Humphries would not have purchased a fake ring for his fiance... right? That's what Jay Leno wanted to find out last night, as he actually set Kim's 20.5 carat rock on fire as a test. (Real diamonds don't burn; a cubic zirconia will catch flame.)

What happened? Did Kim make you believe she wasn't in on this stunt? Watch the video below.


They said this day would come ^200 million in comedy butter-scotch Green Jackets^ who was I with Craig Frances on the red. Buck N Pull hey : Bill Surpee said you Guys can't do the Buck N Make you got paid Blue man get ready to take meds in your late 20's ah. now back to my attitude say weren't we on Tyson Beckford Shadow spurs at the Tex Casino ahh. ^I say what do you mean maan when I won! 2500 in Black Jack it was just looking at a picture of Julia Roberts in her Bikini !


d kadarshians are fake ass celebrity. kim said she is proud of her fake butt n boobs n dt they are real bt althou she tried botox once. so if she's telln d truth, y wld she try it wen dt ass is too big already? if i hv to believe her then she gt to believe dt my nana is a virgin right?


Kim K. and her sisters and Momanager Kris Jenner remind me of The Gabors in a different era.
The Gabors included the mother (Jolie) and the 3 sisters, Magna, Zsa Zsa and Eva Gabor. The common thread is after appearing in a number of plays and movies, the Gabors became famous for being socialites and for being famous on game shows and talk shows and for the men that they dated and married. The Kardashians have become famous for a reality show that is a reminder of The Gabors spilling all of their business. There were Never any secrets within that family just like The Kardashians have No secrets about any part of their lives that is Not open for public observation!!

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