Italian Roadways Officially Snooki-Free; Post-Crash Neck Brace "Just a Joke"

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For the next 15 days, residents of Florence, Italy may go about their lives with a bit more peace of mind. Snooki's driving privileges have been revoked.

Italian cops have revoked the license of the Jersey Shore star after she smacked into a police car in Florence while filming the fourth season of the show.

With castmate Deena Cortese and a member of the show's production team along for the ride, Snooki slammed into the back of a traffic patrol car.

Pain in the Ass

She was not arrested, but was taken to fill out paperwork at the central police station in Florence. Then her license was confiscated. Standard.

Florence's road safety coordinator Mario Rondinelli said this week that no alcohol was involved in the crash, which is a pleasant surprise for Nicole.

Meanwhile, regarding the neck brace she sported, then later waved around laughing, an MTV rep says she wasn't feigning an injury, just kidding around.

"She was joking," says an MTV spokesperson, trying to quell controversy. "It was just a joke. She sustained no injuries as a result of the traffic incident."

THANK GOODNESS Snooki is all right. In related news, The Situation's face definitely sustained injuries after a head-on collision with Ronnie's fist.



Apparently, ignorance is bliss. In that regatd, you must be the happiest moron on earth.


Haha haters viva jersey shore!! Ahhhh simple distractions for simple minds :L


Haha haters ^.^ viva jersey shore!! Ahhhh simple distractions for simple minds!!! :L


why is anyone gonna even watch this??? you can read about all their bullshit while filming on all the gossip sites. so between that and the classic ronnie and sam fight every two seconds what could they possibly do that we havent seen?? NOTHING. oh and bust size 44D IQ 7: Holla!!!! ;) lol


Isn't her 15 minutes of fame over yet?

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