Is There a Kourtney Kardashian Sex Tape?

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In a rumor that is only surprising because it took so long to hit the Internet, Star Magazine reports that a Kourtney Kardashian sex tape is making the rounds.

We'll wait for you to get over the utter shock of such a possibility...

Kourt Photograph

According to insiders who have supposedly seen the video, it was filmed a few years ago, it's somewhat graphic (in one shot, Kourtney goes in for some oral sex) and Kourtney's participant is NOT Scott Disick. (Or Ray J, we presume.)

The family is doing all it can to stop the release of the tape. It's unclear why, though, considering none of them would be on a reality show right now if THIS didn't happen.

Do you think there's a Kourtney Kardashian sex tape?


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