Hulk Hogan Fires Back at Ex, Denies Allegations of Violence

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Hulk Hogan may have been a violet man in the ring, leg-dropping opponents for years and becoming the most famous name in wrestling history.

But the former WWE star denied all charges yesterday that he acted in any kind of similar manner at home, following Linda Hogan's shocking allegations on The Today Show.

Speaking to Matt Lauer (and promoting her autobiography), Linda said she feared for her life any time Hulk flew into one of his rages, which included tearing shirts and throwing lamps.

Hulk's response?

He called in to The Bubba the Love Sponge Show, said Linda was "delusional," he never laid a hand on her and we should "just take her and put her in the same category with the Iron Sheik and the Ultimate Warrior. They all belong together."

Earlier this month, the Warrior, a foe of Hogan's in the ring many years ago, accused him of doping and wife-swapping.

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I don't know, they were being filmed for their show for ages, and there were never any hints of the alleged violence. You'd think SOMETHING would have shown. She didn't seem fearful on the show, just pampered and bored.


Janice, a large percentage of those suffering abuse at the hands of others dont leave for many reasons...fear, children, fiances, threats, etc. To say that if you remain the violence didnt happen is a blatant untruth. Im not saying this man hit anyone but considering his job, physique & I suspect the role of Steroids...maybe theres a bit of truth to the blonde bimbos words.


First of all, as a stark-raving Hulkamaniac for over 25 years, let me just say HULK RULES FOREVER BBBRRROOOOTTTTHHHHEEERRRRR!!!! Now onto the allegations. If someone abuses you, tell the cops - not the public through a book you are looking to sell. And who wants to read her book anyway? Her entire claim to fame is being Hulk Hogan's wife. She is pathetic and I call bullsh*t on her claims.