How Did Bentley Williams Get on The Bachelorette?!

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In our Bachelorette recap earlier, we touched on many burning questions from last night, most of which we may never fully know the answer to.

Why did Bentley Williams go on the show? Why did he treat Ashley like garbage? Why didn't ABC boot him? How can he be allowed to return!?

One thing is clear: We need Chris Harrison like never before.

Below are excerpts from Chris' EW blog this morning, in which The Bachelorette host addresses the scourge of society that is Bentley:

Bentley Williams, Ashley Hebert

On whether Bentley Williams is the show's worst villain: My first thought about that is that’s really something for you guys to judge, not me.

My second thought is the “villain” title really doesn’t do justice to what went down. It softens the blow and simplifies things too much in my opinion.

On why Bentley left and when: I’m not positive, but something about not getting the rose on this group date seemed to set the wheels in motion.

Whenever he decided he was going, he pulled the trigger the next morning. Let me be very clear about my thoughts on Bentley and him leaving.

I have no problem with him coming on the show, even if he hoped The Bachelorette was Emily, or with him deciding it was time to leave. That's up to him.

I also didn’t have a problem with him using his daughter as an excuse to leave; that’s not the way I would have handled the situation, but so be it.

My issue is he appears to have come on the show with bad intentions, and even when he decided to leave, he messed with Ashley’s head by leading her on and letting her believe that there’s still a chance for them to be together.

He knew Ashley had fallen for him, and instead of just leaving and letting her go ... he chose to end it with that ridiculous “dot-dot-dot” garbage.

On how Bentley stuck around so long: The simple answer is it was always up to Ashley. She made the decision to allow him on that first night.

After Ashley received the texts warning her about Bentley, we offered her the option of not even having to meet the guy, but she gave him a shot.

Every step of the way - despite warnings from producers, myself and others - Ashley stuck to her guns and believed in this guy. In Ashley’s defense she wasn’t privy to all the things Bentley said behind her back.

Ashley made a deal with herself that this time around she would open herself up to be vulnerable and give herself every opportunity to find love.

I know she feels foolish for being taken advantage of, but she shouldn’t. Yes, she made the decision to keep him around, but I understand why. You have to open yourself up to make this work and that’s what she did.

On where Ashley Hebert goes from here: The real problem is she doesn’t get much time to heal her heart and put things in perspective.

She has 12 guys still here giving up their lives to find love, and they really don’t understand just how much Ashley had fallen for Bentley.

As we move forward this will be the dilemma we deal with. Obviously you will be the real judge and jury as to what you think about Bentley.


What the heck does being Mormom have to do with it? A sleaze is a sleaze regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, gender, etc.


Chris Harrison is right, to call him a villain softens what he really is, and that is a Sociopath. Bentley Williams is a Sociopath. Everyone should know what a Sociopath is. Kathy is right,its scary to think he has a daughter. He should never have been allowed on the show. The show really needs to screen the contestants better. Men with personality disorders are there to do harm, if not bodily, than psychologically. He did what a Sociopath does, and exploited Ashley's feelings for his pleasure. Thats sick. The guy is sick.


In the begining of the show I was not going to watch this one because it is getting old. Then I gave in and started watching however I got sick watching it last night, how anyone can be allowed to treat someone like that. I for one will not be watching the show anymore.


At this point, the heck with the fool Bentley. Ok, so Ashley wanted to open herself up to love. That doesn't mean ignore warnings. I feel that she is a bit shallow. Now that he is gone she is still pining for him. That is NOT fair to the other guys. This show should have been stopped.


A mormon? I did not know that~~~ She is one lucky girl the dude left when he did. To get mixed up in that kind of 'cult' would be a tragedy. Her heartbreak is nothing with what could have happened. Glad he's gone.


I'm from Utah and I'm quite embarrassed and sick of this guy too. But I'm also LDS and as with any religion, culture, race, or gender there are those within it who are either unbelievably evil or unquestioningly good. I'm disappointed that in back-to-back seasons the villain is from Utah. However,I have a young son who I'm raising to be so different from the "Bentlys" in the dating world. But to judge this guy just based on his religion of origin (does he even go to church?) isn't fair. I hope Ashely finds someone to share the rest of her life with who loves her for all her amazing and gracious qualities.


I'm from Utah and I'm quite embarrassed and sick of this guy. UNFORTUNATELY, Bentley is the best example to use to show how LDS boys act, regardless of age.


Chris is full of .... - how is Bentley behavior any different from the Chick who was flirting with one of the producers and she was asked to leave...How can they keep these video blogs from Ashley - when they are so's got to be for rating or totally scripted...It's a used to be a good show.


Who watches this crap??? Obviously millions -- says a lot about us TV watchers. I don't know how this show stays on the air.


this guys psychotic, and very scary to have a 2 yr old daughter. I bet the mormans aren't proud of what they turned out from Brigham Young!!!

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