Hacker on Alleged Blake Lively Naked Photo Scandal: I Got Plenty More!

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The hacker who claims to have obtained and leaked the controversial photos of Blake Lively nude is scoffing at claims that the images are somehow fake.

Dude posted 17 additional pics, one of which appears below. The Gossip Girl star's rep has been adamant that it's not Blake. The hacker is adamant that it is.

"Oh, yes, Blake's rep. These are totally fake," he said in a statement to TMZ. "We really, really believe you. Want moar? BTW, thanks for all the faps."

We're not gonna go into the meaning of "faps," but here's a pic ...

Yesterday, we debated whether the photos are real or fake and outlined various evidence people have cited - her mole, her phone, her toothbrush, etc.

The photo above sure looks like Lively, however, several of the new round of nude pics show a woman with tattoos (no face). Does she even have any?

It's possible this image is indeed Blake, whereas some of the naked shots are not. Of course, while her face is obscured, the naked shots look like her too.

Also, sites that initially posted the whole batch of naked photos, such as Perez Hilton, have now taken them down at the request of Blake's attorneys.

Perez posted her rep's denial right along with the pictures. If they were fake, what legal grounds would her camp have to ask them to be removed?

All very interesting. Thoughts? Are the Blake Lively nude pics real?

UPDATE: Check out another interesting, possibly telling piece of evidence:

Blake Tattoo

Just as some fans noted, the tattoos shown in this photo match the ones displayed by Blake in The Town. Sure, it could be coincidence or an elaborate stunt to make some random girl look like Lively. But the coincidences are adding up.


YET! I do wonder who they were for as well. I guess its my hope for Penn.


those pic r some fake n real... but shes on the top of her career (chanel.louboutin.films n dating leo dicaprio) the hacker wants to distroy her career.... #supportblakelively


not fats. but flaPs. Blake's people are adamant ... telling TMZ the person in the pics is not Blake. The denial apparently incited the hacker, who posted the new pics, with this warning: "Oh, yes, Blake's rep. These are totally fake. We really, really believe you. Want moar? BTW, thanks for all the faps." (FYI: "faps" is a reference to pleasuring oneself) take time to copy right....


I knew they were her from the start, and have to say I am completely hurting for her right now. I think to go all through this, even if its normal and natural as an adult, but knowing your private photos are displayed for the whole world to see. Sad and sick. I just want to hug her right now! :[ I love you Blake!


Just the fact that the rep uses the word fake to describe the pictures is telling to me. Not once did I read that they claimed it wasn't her. All they keep saying is that they are fake. That could mean a lot of things. I would think that they'd be more direct instead of vague, if they were trying to prove her innocent in all of this. Does anyone get what I am trying to say? Fake how?


Even if they are real, (which I think they are) there's nothing wrong with that. She's an adult. It's perfectly normal to send sexual photos of yourself to your partner and to be physically intimate in a relationship. You'd think that by the 21st century everybody would understand and accept that fact. Let's be mature here.


Why does this bother her so much??? It's not like she is famous for her acting skills. She's getting exposure. Isn't that what Hollywierd is all about anyway?


Her hair in this pic is completely different to the earlier pics. Is this a completely different set of photos?


Yeah those are the tattoos she had in The Town


Definitely her! I've always thought that these "good girl" images are pure nonsense anyway. All the girls that appear to be good girls always end up being more wild than the celebs we think are wild and crazy. The good girls just have great PR. Blake Lively is no different. A good girl wouldn't want or need to take photos of themselves naked with a phone. The only reason to take photos of yourself with a phone (especially naked) is if you plan on texting them to someone.

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