Gruesome Evidence Makes Casey Anthony Sick

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Casey Anthony abruptly left the courtroom during her murder trial with an undisclosed sickness after seeing graphic photos of her slain daughter's remains.

Whatever the reason, that was the end of the trial for the day.

"Miss Anthony is ill. We're recessing for the day," Judge Belvin Perry said. "Neither the state nor the defense has any comment regarding her illness."

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The early end to the court session in the Orlando murder trial came after a day of graphic testimony and grisly photographs of Caylee's remains.

Discovered in December 2008, two-year-old Caylee had disappeared five months earlier. Casey Anthony is accused of murdering the toddler.

When testimony with the Orange County Chief Deputy Medical Examiner, Dr. Gary Utz, began after s lunch break, Anthony looked weak and pale.

Then, after the break, she looked like she was going to be sick. She couldn't even stand up as the jury left the courtroom. She was escorted out.

Utz testified that duct tape was wrapped around Caylee's skull so tightly that it held her lower jaw in place even amid severe decomposition.

He called this highly unusual.

"Pieces of silver or gray-colored duct tape [were] over the jaw," he said. "I've never seen a case where the mandible was found with the skull."

Photos of Caylee's body were shown to the jury.. Earlier in the week, prosecutors say Anthony searched for chloroform and neck breaking online.

The defense claims Caylee died of an accidental drowning, a shocking claim they made in opening arguments. How would that exonerate Casey?

Casey was in denial due to psychological scars from being sexually abused by her own father when she was a child, her attorneys claim.

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