Gretchen Rossi Wins Protective Order Against Jay Photoglou

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Gretchen Rossi is waging battles left and right.

Yesterday, she bashed Tamra Barney over The Real Housewives of Orange County cast member's handling of her recent feud with Jeana Keough.

Now, Gretchen's won a partial legal victory in her ongoing legal battle with her former boyfriend, Jay Photoglou, prohibiting the guy from slandering her.

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Gretchen Rossi and Jay Photoglou are not fans of each other.

The former couple is suing each other for libel, defamation and slander, with Rossi requesting a protective order, most of which was granted on Friday.

The protective order prohibits Rossi or Photoglou from discussing "sexual histories of either party, either party's financial information,” plus home and cellular telephone numbers and their home addresses.

We've all had breakups that required courts to settle these points, right?



I already did but I dont know if it went through ?


I know gretchen is no nun but tamra is no snow white either. Ever since the first day gretchen came around tamra was jealous. She is a low down dirty, evil, spiteful, vindictive little troll. Wats up with vicki too? Tamra makes her look even more crazy than she is already. They r truly the "mean girls" of the OC! When will vicki realize that tamra just uses her and jeana was her only real friend? When jeana needed financial help icky, i mean vicki lol, she didnt help her but when lori had nothing she helped her and gave her a job. Come on vicki u should be ashamed. Jeana was ur only real friend and u completly screwed her. Jeana is the only "REAL" Housewife in my opinion. Grow up tamra and vicki, karma sucks and its already came back on u, do really need more?


After watching the RHOC reunion shows, it boiled down to this: according to Tamra, everybody is lying but her. From practicing law for over 25 years, I have found that the one who says everyone else is lying is the true liar. But why was Tamra sticking her nose into Tamra's life or into Slade's life? Is it because she is a nasty vindictive woman who has to not only be the center of attention but also denigrate everyone around her? I miss Jenna.


This guy Jay Photowhatever sounds like a nasty vengeful loser. There are pix all over the internet with him and Simon who are friends. Something smells bad. Tamra has shown herself to be a vindictive person. I always remember that Naked Wasted episode and how malicious and creepy she was. She was 2 inches from criminal activity by enabling her son to push sex on an intoxicated woman who was her guest, while she watched and listened. Ugh! what a creep of a mother. Always thought of Tamra as the lowest, darkest kind of trashy monster after that and understood why her son is so lost and unhappy. It looks like its coming back to her. She's beginning to look old, mean and ugly. We'll have to call her Tamrastein.


It's funny how no one thinks this has to do with the claims of her being with another man while see was with Jeff. And yes its none of our business, but their on a show on tv that people watch. If someone they know is on a show telling a lie, you expect them to let it be and dismiss the truth? No.


Bo Bo see you


True I agree LoLo! It's all the botox and sun that is messing up her skin. She's a beautiful girl but that environment is no good for the skin.
And wasn't Jay the guy that Tamara was saying called her and telling her that they were dating when she was engaged to that old rich fart? Tamara was very adamant that Jay was her really boyfriend and this old guy was just paying her. Damn looks like Tamara was right all along. Who would have thought.


I used to think Gretchen was so cute but this season her face looks a little rough. Bad skin & a little too much make up. She is not suing Jay when she was the one dating him while engaged to Jeff. She took all the photos with Jay & now she is calling it slander. I love how these "ladies" make sex tapes, take nude photos then blame them on someone else like they were a victim.

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