Gretchen Rossi Bashes Tamra Barney Over Jeana Keough Feud, Wine-Throwing Ways

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Sunday's season finale of Real Housewives of Orange County saw Tamra Barney throw red wine (and a cease-and-desist letter) in Jeana Keough's face.

Her motive? Jeana badmouthing Tamra in the press.

But for all her supposed gossiping about Tamra's divorce from estranged ex Simon Barney, Jeana has an ally here in former co-star Gretchen Rossi.

Jeana Keough, Tamra Barney

STEP OFF: Jeana gets served by Tamra. A random d-bag looks on.

"It's very strange how the woman conducts her life," Gretchen Rossi said.

"Tamra threw the letter in her face. Tamra threw the drink in her face but yet, two episodes earlier Tamra was crying to Jeana saying, 'You want my kids to think it's OK to throw something at somebody just because you're mad at them?'"

"And I'm thinking to myself, 'How hypocritical is that?'

"You don't go to a party armed with a cease-and-desist letter," she continued. "To me, that's overly dramatic. That's just looking for attention."

"That's looking for camera time. To throw it in somebody's face when you're an adult like that just shows your level of class and immaturity."

BAM. We're guessing Tamra's not on Gretch's Christmas card list.

"Tamra is not somebody that I chose to have in my life," Rossi adds.

"She's negative energy. I unfortunately, have realized that she's a malicious person with evil intentions and it's not something I want in my life."

There are two sides to every story, of course, and before long you can expect Tamra to be telling hers to any media outlet that will listen.

Thoughts? Are you Team Gretchen or Team Tamra? Talk to THG.


What Tamra did was wrong, but we only get to see a few minutes of their lives & not all that goes on behind the scenes. Jeanna should back off & out of Tamra's divorce, it's none of her business. Gretchen should not throw stones. She was engaged to a dying man all the while dating Jay (& taking nude photos etc). She even brought Jay to her house while Jeff was in the hospital. Now she is dating a man that was arrested (his mugshot is on Smoking Gun) for not paying child support, so Gretchen does not make the best choices either.


Tamara is nasty this season. Her and Vicky are bullies. Wasn't Tamara sleeping around on Simon? The reason they are not together now? You go Gretchen, tamaras just jealous of you.


Gretchen is a whore. She sells plastic bags with her tin foil initials on them. She is a geezer fucking avon lady.


Gretchen... Sweetgirl.... Really? Is this the same girl that was seeing her ex boyfriend while her fiancé was dying in the hospital. Then hooked up with slade only a few months after he passed away. Yes, very sweet girl!


will the story that tamra told is not the whole truth . but then that is tamara . I think Gretchen is a very sweet girl that really does not need the drama .

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