Gretchen Rossi Bashes Tamra Barney Over Jeana Keough Feud, Wine-Throwing Ways

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Sunday's season finale of Real Housewives of Orange County saw Tamra Barney throw red wine (and a cease-and-desist letter) in Jeana Keough's face.

Her motive? Jeana badmouthing Tamra in the press.

But for all her supposed gossiping about Tamra's divorce from estranged ex Simon Barney, Jeana has an ally here in former co-star Gretchen Rossi.

Jeana Keough, Tamra Barney

STEP OFF: Jeana gets served by Tamra. A random d-bag looks on.

"It's very strange how the woman conducts her life," Gretchen Rossi said.

"Tamra threw the letter in her face. Tamra threw the drink in her face but yet, two episodes earlier Tamra was crying to Jeana saying, 'You want my kids to think it's OK to throw something at somebody just because you're mad at them?'"

"And I'm thinking to myself, 'How hypocritical is that?'

"You don't go to a party armed with a cease-and-desist letter," she continued. "To me, that's overly dramatic. That's just looking for attention."

"That's looking for camera time. To throw it in somebody's face when you're an adult like that just shows your level of class and immaturity."

BAM. We're guessing Tamra's not on Gretch's Christmas card list.

"Tamra is not somebody that I chose to have in my life," Rossi adds.

"She's negative energy. I unfortunately, have realized that she's a malicious person with evil intentions and it's not something I want in my life."

There are two sides to every story, of course, and before long you can expect Tamra to be telling hers to any media outlet that will listen.

Thoughts? Are you Team Gretchen or Team Tamra? Talk to THG.


I think she is jealous of both Jeana and Gretchen. I agree with Frugal Sally she is gross, and how do you say it white trash LOL. At the beginning she stuck up for her husband and was always saying how much she loved him, but funnily when the money ran out so did she.


she looks like one of them really ugly small dogs that shake constantly. you know the ones that are usually dark colored and have short hair and a lot of hair on the head and tail.


I worry about Tamra.She's always been obsessed with Gretchen's personal life and proving something.BUT, Tamra should focus on her own life--now a two-time divorcee; a sad, desperate exhibionist with her boy toy; being a bad friend to Vicki and all the other Housewives.And talk about contrariness: Tamra doesn't like her husband Simon being allegedly physical but she smacks Jeanna Keogh in the face with a letter than a drink.Tamra thinks it's okay to talk trash about Gretchen but she accuses Jeanna of verbally harassing her--HELLO TAMRA?!!Something sad is happening to Tamra.I think she's lashing out at Gretchen, Alexis, Jeanna and her husband Simon to divert the viewers from the truth:Tamra is a "do as I say and not as I do" person who's just plain trash, in my opinion.But she's very entertaining


Tamra cries about Simon throwing something.......she throws things... Tamra tells people to stay out of her business.....she's in everyone's business Tamra's just a middle-aged woman trying to be something she's not. Tamr's best friends with Vicki because Vicki's so ugly, Tamra's not threatened by her... She's a ho...trailer-trash...what's with Mommie coming to her rescue when Tamra's the one assaulting everybody? Mom's trash, too.


Tamra is GROSS!!! She is a liar and I wouldn't trust her if I were Vicki. Plus she really needs to leave Greatchen alone, she has had it out for her since day one. And did you notice when she was talking to Michelle on the phone during the reunion, Michelle said that Slade hasn't paid any "expense". She didn't say he didn't pay child support. Tamra but out of everyones' lives. You really need to take a good look in the mirror. U seem to be everything you say u hate about other people.


Tamra so lied to Eddie and Vicky about Jeanna starting the fight..anybody watching the show knows Tamra threw the letter in Jeanna's face first and then classlessly threw a drink at her. So Tamra doesn't like people talking about her...what about when she talks about Gretchen..KARMA Baby! She can dish it but she can't take it. Another thing..I would not want Tamra handling any morgages for me LOL..Seriously this women can't even say cease and decist, she keeps saying cyst and deceased..Nobody died Tamra LOL!


Make, Gretchen was dating Jeff. She was in a relationship with him and as being in a committed relationship, she was not getting paid by him to take care of him.
Tamara is totally jealous of Gretchen, and it's time Tamara would grow up and live her own life and leave her nose on her own face and out of others business.
Vickie needs to smarten up as Tamara is only using her and as shown in the past when Vickie isn't around she'll forget her so called "alliance" to Vickie and talk crap about her too just fit in to the people around her at the time.
Tamara is not a person that can be a good and loyal friend to anyone.
Vickie you should be ashamed as you were talked about like crap by Tamara when you weren't around, and stupidly you went back assumedly thinking that you can trust her now. WRONG!!! You will never be able to trust her has people mean nothing to her, and are just used to get her what and where she wants to go.
B- atch!!!!!


Yes, Gretchen is a sweet girl. Obviously, she was in an arrangement with Jeff to take care of him in his dying days. Who wants to die alone? Jeff paid Gretchen to spend time with him, help him with his meds and be with him so he wouldn't have to die alone. So what if she discretely went on a few dates behind the scenes. It must have been grueling to watch a friend die. Yes, Gretchen, you are a sweet girl. I wish you the best.


Holy Cr*p! I thought he did mean she was sucking everyone off, until I just read your comment. HA ha! I guess that's a given though, she looks like the bar type. And I'm sure when she's 50 she'll be wearing her tight jeans, tan skin, bleached hair and sitting in some bar somewhere, sucking some gu...i mean, sucking off of some guy...haha! Not so far from the trailer you grew up in Tammy, huh?


seriously Tamra is gross! lol when slade said that she was to busy sucking off everyone else, I totally thought he meant sucking everyone off!!!! It took me a minute to realize what he said! LOL! Tamra is gross!

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