Gretchen Rossi Bashes Tamra Barney Over Jeana Keough Feud, Wine-Throwing Ways

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Sunday's season finale of Real Housewives of Orange County saw Tamra Barney throw red wine (and a cease-and-desist letter) in Jeana Keough's face.

Her motive? Jeana badmouthing Tamra in the press.

But for all her supposed gossiping about Tamra's divorce from estranged ex Simon Barney, Jeana has an ally here in former co-star Gretchen Rossi.

Jeana Keough, Tamra Barney

STEP OFF: Jeana gets served by Tamra. A random d-bag looks on.

"It's very strange how the woman conducts her life," Gretchen Rossi said.

"Tamra threw the letter in her face. Tamra threw the drink in her face but yet, two episodes earlier Tamra was crying to Jeana saying, 'You want my kids to think it's OK to throw something at somebody just because you're mad at them?'"

"And I'm thinking to myself, 'How hypocritical is that?'

"You don't go to a party armed with a cease-and-desist letter," she continued. "To me, that's overly dramatic. That's just looking for attention."

"That's looking for camera time. To throw it in somebody's face when you're an adult like that just shows your level of class and immaturity."

BAM. We're guessing Tamra's not on Gretch's Christmas card list.

"Tamra is not somebody that I chose to have in my life," Rossi adds.

"She's negative energy. I unfortunately, have realized that she's a malicious person with evil intentions and it's not something I want in my life."

There are two sides to every story, of course, and before long you can expect Tamra to be telling hers to any media outlet that will listen.

Thoughts? Are you Team Gretchen or Team Tamra? Talk to THG.


i love watching the housewives of the OC, i mean who needs friends when you have a snake pit of vipers like these women. Tamra comes across as a spiteful jealous harpie and vicki is just plain nasty. Gretchen you go girl, youtell it how it is,i love your honesty and your forthright way of approaching things, long reign the OC, and cant wait for the next installment


Tamra has no class she makes nasty comments about other people but does not like it when it is done to her ! Tamra what goes around comes around you were really nasty to Gretchen as for Jeana i think she is one classy lady and can hold her head up high - Simon most probably tossed the leash to Tamra and it hit her but i'm sure knowing his soon to be ex wife he did not mean to hit her she being the drama queen she is took advantage of the situation - who wants to do this to the father of your children GROW UP TAMRA - SMELL THE ROSES !


tamra is a cow with no manners, she bleats about people butting their noses in on her business, then is the first to butt her nose into everybody elses...shes all about herself, jeana has more class in her little finger than tamra has in a entire body...vicki is just as bad...i mean bloody hell she turned both her husbands into alcholics, control freak!!!!! tamra is just jealous that shes not the hottest woman in the oc...


Firstly, id like to say that Gretchen seems like a very decent and classy woman. Her problem appears to be that an uneducated vile specimen- Tamra, who is clearly very envious of her. I believe Tamra has many insecurities and is very jealoused of Gretchen who not only is younger, prettier but also a decent human being. I believe Vicky is alo very jealoused of her which is why she teams up with Tamra and plays the fool. Tamra's life is a sham. She has children from every man she sleeps with. Gretchen, watch your back where that fool is concerned. She is the woman who tried to get you naked drunk. Never let your guard down where she is concerned. I reckon once Eddie meets you, he would realise what true beauty is, because it is not Tamra by any means. As they say, the harder they come the harder they fool.


tamra is a witch. she is dumb and evil.


Tamra has issues but, anyone that thinks Simon was a good husband needs to give their head a shake. He was controlling and abusive just as Jim is. Jeanna's husband was verbally, if not physically, abusive also and therefore, she thinks Simon's behavior is okay. What is with Gretchen she goes from Sugar Baby to taking care of loser Slade. He is scum how can she even consider being with him? She is a beautiful woman so why does she settle for that parasite? I don't like her much but, nobody deserves the trash that is Slade.


Wow, just watched the rerun. Tamra and Vicki are unravelling. They both function in strange ways and are prickly people who push everyone away, including each other, spouses, children and friends. I agree with those of you who are calling out Tamra for her lies. Jeana even smiled and said 'cheers' to Tamra as she approached, thinking their previous discussion had cleared the air. Tamra's response was infantile and unfair. It seems to me Tamra should have been on a different show: arrested development! She needs to grow in every sense of the word and I hope she heals.
I enjoy watching the show because Gretchen seems to be open with us and as a northerner who thinks a ponytail is an updo, it's fascinating to see most of these cast members are gorgeous women who are fatally flawed on the inside.


Gretchen is a whore to me...if u love someone n they put on a little weight so what!!!! vicki is LOUD and ugly..shre belittled her husband went on holiday without him...she even has to beg her mum for affection...pathetic


Gretchen is a whore to me...if u love someone n they put on a little weight so what!!!! vicki is LOUD and ugly..shre belittled her husband went on holiday without him...she even has to beg her mum for affection...pathetic


just more proof of how low class tamra is, she brags about being a truck driver with tits? no manners, simon hired someone to teach this slut how to use a fork in their first season and she didn't even have enough class to be embarrassed by that. simon was too good for her and that's why their marriage failed, creepy eddie is more her match he probably just needs to marry an american citizen to get a green card. she's total trailer park trash, feel sorry for her poor kids. what kind of a role model is she for young girls?

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