Gretchen Rossi Bashes Tamra Barney Over Jeana Keough Feud, Wine-Throwing Ways

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Sunday's season finale of Real Housewives of Orange County saw Tamra Barney throw red wine (and a cease-and-desist letter) in Jeana Keough's face.

Her motive? Jeana badmouthing Tamra in the press.

But for all her supposed gossiping about Tamra's divorce from estranged ex Simon Barney, Jeana has an ally here in former co-star Gretchen Rossi.

Jeana Keough, Tamra Barney

STEP OFF: Jeana gets served by Tamra. A random d-bag looks on.

"It's very strange how the woman conducts her life," Gretchen Rossi said.

"Tamra threw the letter in her face. Tamra threw the drink in her face but yet, two episodes earlier Tamra was crying to Jeana saying, 'You want my kids to think it's OK to throw something at somebody just because you're mad at them?'"

"And I'm thinking to myself, 'How hypocritical is that?'

"You don't go to a party armed with a cease-and-desist letter," she continued. "To me, that's overly dramatic. That's just looking for attention."

"That's looking for camera time. To throw it in somebody's face when you're an adult like that just shows your level of class and immaturity."

BAM. We're guessing Tamra's not on Gretch's Christmas card list.

"Tamra is not somebody that I chose to have in my life," Rossi adds.

"She's negative energy. I unfortunately, have realized that she's a malicious person with evil intentions and it's not something I want in my life."

There are two sides to every story, of course, and before long you can expect Tamra to be telling hers to any media outlet that will listen.

Thoughts? Are you Team Gretchen or Team Tamra? Talk to THG.


Tamara is nothing but a bully! She is the ugliest OC housewife and looks old and wrinkled! Alexis is so much more beautiful than Tamara and that is why she bashes her constantly! Go back to your plastic surgeon, get Botox and implants so you do not look so disgusting!


Tamra seems to be a schoolyard bully who has never grown up. Her behaviour and comments are appalling - she thinks nothing of trying to wreck other peoples reputations and has been truly awful to Gretchen and Slade. She screeched at Jeana to stay out of her business yet she has gone out to slander Slade and Gretchen. Never mind - karma is a wonderful thing and one of these days she will receive the same treatment as she has dished out. Can't wait!


Tamra is a pathetic excuse for a human being. Just a sad jealous old women. I loved the show before she started and now I can't watch it without getting pissed off. I really hope the show will get rid of her soon.


Tamra said Jeana tried to throw her into the pool and lunged at her. I rewinded the episode just to make sure i saw what i saw. The conclusion is once again that Tamra is a pathological, self-centered, self-serving liar. She is a vile human being and deserves nothing but bad things to happen to her. I stopped watching the show because of her. I can tolerate her presence on the screen no longer.


Tamra Barney is an evil witch. Anytime I see anyone write anything not bad about her anywhere I realize it has to be either her or someone she knows.


Speaking of vickey. Hate mouth. Hugh gums that's all you see when she smiles. Her gum to teeth ratio is off.


tamra barney is a twice divorced (soon to be 3x divorced if eddie is as dumb as he appears) white trash skank born in a trailor park. why would any1 expect anything different from what we see on this show. yeah, she is a lying, manipulative, nosey, gold diggin, fame whore who will stop at nothing to get her saggy arm fat on camera.... the end.. did i miss anything?


Tamra is a bully and hypocryte. She wanted to play the victim when jeana talked to the press about her.Yet she was the one talking to the press and putting rumours out about Gretchen when Jeff died. Tamra sticks her nose in every one elses business and talks crap behind their back. I feel sorry for her kids. I'm 100% team Gretchen.


I really really really liked Jeana - but the more i saw of her putting up with abusive Matt and really and truly sticking up for the guys all the time I began to think - she is actually a woman hater. She was bang out of order with Tamra IMO. And when people say Tamra stuck her nose in with Gretchen - well she didn't have much choice considering Gretechen's ex kept phoning her and Simon (the controlling one!) he made her involved. I used to dislike Tamra very very much, but now I'm kinda liking her a lot and feell that she had a real right to be mad at Jeanna.


None of these women are truly decent poeple but some of them are more awful than others. Gretchen is particularly inhuman, she has a psychopathic personality and is a truly spoilt, greedy specimen. She feels she has no culpability at all and at such a young age already has the hardness of features like a man. Her true ugliness shines through and that's what you see more than any of the overhyped 'beauty'- she's younger than the others, no kids, but looks as old as they. We see the truth ugly lady it's pointless taking out your viciousness on Tamra or any of the others when they expose you. Truth is, regardless of anything they have said or will say, you are you, and you can't change that. You are truly the real villain of the show it's just a pity that this is the only part of you that is not fake. Yuk!

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