Glenn Beck Says Family was Harassed in NYC, Preaches to "Hateful People"

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Glenn Beck and his family attended a screening of Alfred Hitchcock's The 39 Steps in Bryant Park on Monday night, but the host explained on his radio show today that he was greeted with anything but a warm welcome.

"It was a hostile situation," he said, detailing how wife Tanya had wine "intentionally kicked on her back" and how a man pointed at Tanya and Beck's daughter and screamed: "We hate conservatives here!"

No one told the trouble makers to knock it off, Beck continued.

Glenn Beck on Stage

"I apologize to anybody who had their movie experience wrecked because of the people that found it so necessary to spew hatred," he went on. "But there's nothing I can do about it."

Beck described the harassers as "arrogant 25-year olds" and said they were the "most hateful people I've ever seen." But there's a hope for these lost souls... if only they realize it soon.

"All I could think of about the people around me all night was I feel sorry for you. I really feel sorry for you... you are so lost... and so convinced that you are absolutely 100% right, and you are helping build a system that is fueled by hate. You're being used and you don't even know it. And by the time you wake-up, it may be too late for you to get out... My family and I will accept you with open arms."

Glenn Beck as a preacher? The guy does claim to know God's agenda.

Watch the video of Beck's rant HERE.


I am totally amazed that in our "enlightened society", there are actually people that believe Mr. Beck is spewing hate. Mr. Beck tells it in the manner in which our country was founded and that if a person "breaks the law" they are a lawbreaker not a misinformed individual whose parents did a poor job of raising them.
The truth is still the truth is still the truth even though the detractors would have you think otherwise. The so-called liberals say that they believe everyone has the right to their opinion, but only if you share theirs. The conservatives have the guts to say that we believe it will get worse if we continue to take the same route we're traveling now.


That's so sad. I have a sharp disdain for Glenn Beck, but that's incredible behavior, and I don't mean that in a good way.
I can't believe that people in New York treated him in such a vile, uncivilized way. A great minority of New Yorkers act so boorishly, and I apologize on our behalf for whatever harassment Conservatives have endured there. We are much better than that.
Though I am kinda skeptical that anyone purposefully spilled wine on his wife's back.
I am also quite sure that he didn't hold his tongue all night either, probably spreading some of that good old fashioned Glenn Beck hate speech and receiving a freezing cold reception. Or maybe after instigation, he got into a fight with a Democrat, or such and so, but I'm fairly positive he wouldn't have done anything at all. He's not the most meek of gentlemen, and certainly doesn't turn the other cheek.


I would be curious to hear from others who were there that night it this really happened. If it did then shame on you people! I don't like Glenn Beck at all but to harass or threaten his family is wrong. However Glenn Beck has claimed this kind of thing before, more than once, and it has turned out to be untrue. Much like the boy who cried wolf I won't believe it this time unless there are witnesses, outside of Beck and his family and or friends who saw and heard this all happen. What Beck fails to realize is that he is simply not taken seriously by most people. Most who disagree with him write him off as the loon he is and are to busy laughing at him to be bothered harassing him. People usually only threaten those who pose a threat to themselves or their beliefs. Beck is about as threatening as a housefly. Annoying for sure, but can't cause any real harm.


Both sides of the fence seem broken to me???


Its terrible that someone would spew hateful & venomous words to those they dont know. To make someone feel threatened or maybe even in danger. Its awful....but isnt that sort of what you do on your radio show? Well yes it is. But hey, lets blame the liberal media, right wing nuts, bleeding heart liberals....because theyre to blame for everything..slavery, the shooting death of Lincoln, all the diseases, money woes the world over.


So sorry Glen , for You, your wife and children, sorry for the hate in the world.
You all are loved and blessed and prayed for.
keep your heads "UP" Beck family....
Shame to the many who hate.
We shall win...In the end " LOVE ALWAYS DOES"


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