Gilbert Arenas Trying to Box Out Laura Govan, Basketball Wives: Los Angeles

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NBA star Gilbert Arenas wants to pull the plug on Basketball Wives: Los Angeles, claiming his baby mama is exploiting him by appearing on the show.

The Orlando Magic guard claims Laura Govan - the mother of his 4 children, and to whom he is NOT married to - simply wants to be a reality TV star.

In a lawsuit, Arenas claims that while Wives won't mention him by name "the very presence of [Laura Govan] and the title is an obvious reference."

Arenas notes his name was used in a press release announcing Govan's casting.

Step Into the Arenas

Gilbert claims Govan and the producers have no right to use his name or imageĀ  - expressed or implied - so he's asking for an injunction to halt the show.

He also wants cash for his troubles. He'll need it. Govan slapped Arenas with a child support lawsuit at halftime of a game this spring against the Heat.

LeBron also scored 51 against him that night. Talk about getting served!



LAUGH OUT LOUD...Im probably the first and last to even comment on this seeing as ARENAS IS A SUCH A NON M.F. FACTOR! You have nerve! First of all..How desperate are you for cash that you are wanting to sue the show for what? a 3 second cameo your "baby mama" did? one knows she is, yet alone WHO YOU ARE for that matter? If should encourage her to do the show. Im sure you sold her all type of "dreams" about how you were gonna do this and that for her. But all you've done is given her 4 damn kids. She could use the money! And after filing child support on you..HELL YOU COULD USE THE MONEY TOO! #GETOVERYOURSELF

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